Nuxt.js 1.0 is out 🎉

4 min readJan 8, 2018

It has been a long run, with a lot of commits, issues, contributors & fun!

See 1.0.0 Release Note on GitHub.

Nuxt.js is a framework on top of Vue.js, vue-router, vuex and vue-meta. You can create a (static generated or universal or single page) web app quickly with the same setup and no build config to write.


Nuxt 1.0.0 is out, up to date with the lastest versions of Vue, vue-router, vuex and vue-meta. Better stability, performances and ready for production. It also brings a few breaking changes (node >8 compatibility), new features and a lot of bug fixes. See the release note on GitHub for full details.


Nuxt.js has been created a few weeks after Next.js first official release by Zeit (25th October 2016). I (Sebastien Chopin) worked on it full time to create the same framework but with Vue.js (Next + Vue = Nuxt.js).

Once the prototype was ready (v0.2.0 on November 2016), my brother (Alexandre Chopin) came to help me and added the `nuxt generate` feature a week later (v0.3.2).

Pooya Parsa joined the core team a few months after and introduced the nuxt modules. This changed the way we worked on nuxt.js and focused more on the core features, stability and performances.

Clark Du joined us a few months ago, he was an active contributor, by refactoring all our examples and added so many tests.

Our documentation is made with Nuxt.js itself, hosted on and translated in 6 different languages. We cannot say how grateful we are to see people helping us translating our documentation!

What's new in 1.0?

The most important change is the fact that we dropped node < 8 support. This allows us to use native async/await and have better performance on server-side.

New features:

  • Layout transitions
  • Files starting with a `-` are now ignored, example: pages/-ignored.vue
  • Middleware: route.meta is now available
  • You can now define a middleware as a function
  • You now have access to this.$router and inside your store actions
  • You can set body: true in your head.script[] to move your scripts at the end of <body>
  • nuxt generate — no-build: Useful for conditions when just dynamic routes are being changed
  • A new configuration is available: build.styleResources, allowing to import automatically pre-processor resources to your Vue components
  • You can extend even further Nuxt by using our internal hooks

What’s next?

New documentation

We are currently updating the whole documentation with a brand new design. Also, we will update during the next weeks some outdated examples, feel free to help us by submitting your pull requests!

Better release rate

Our release rate is going to be higher, 1.0 was pretty hard to release since we wanted everything to be perfect, but at the end, it was making things difficult. We will make more releases to be at least up to date with latest Vue versions.


The next major release will mostly focus on performances, it means faster build but also higher requests handling.


We plan to add tutorials and videos to help on-boarding users. We will also finish our new tool create-nuxt-app to centralise all the starter templates.

Better TypeScript support

We will release in the next week a module called @nuxtjs/typescript to help users get started quickly with TypeScript. We plan to also release @nuxtjs/coffeescript.

Webpack 4

We will work on integrating Webpack 4 when released, it's really important for us to be on top of our dependencies, we love Webpack and it is what makes Nuxt.js so powerful!


Lastly, my friends and I have been working on a “kind of” forum for Nuxt.js to help users to see what’s happening and also reward contributors.

We have currently 18 people on nuxt-community helping us building official modules and templates for Nuxt.js, you guys are awesome ❤


We will make more talks about Nuxt.js in 2018, already 3 are planned:

We will give Nuxt.js stickers there :)

Nuxt.js Stickers

2017 Statistics

Here a short summary for everyone to see what happened in 2017.

Google Analytics

  • 4M page views
  • 238K users
  • Top 5 countries (visitors): China, United States, Russia, Japan & France — Page views for 2017


  • 84 releases on GitHub
  • +8600 stars on GitHub
  • +300 contributors ❤️
  • +2500 issues & PR (90% closed)



NPM downloads in 2017

Open Collective

We are on Open Collective since May 2017 ( and we would like to thank all of you for supporting us ❤️

  • 7 organizations
  • 53 people
  • 1 sponsor:

Projects using Nuxt

Since its first release, we saw developers using Nuxt.js everyday, and we are proud to see some agencies & companies adopting it!

See the showcases section on awesome-nuxt.

Thank you

We would like to thank all of you for using Nuxt and for helping us by submitting PR, commenting issues and donating, it means a lot for us ❤️

Thank you to all Vue.js team and community for your support, and again to Evan You for creating this amazing framework!

Nuxt.js repo: