Nuxt.js 1.0 is out 🎉



What's new in 1.0?

New features:

  • Layout transitions
  • Files starting with a `-` are now ignored, example: pages/-ignored.vue
  • Middleware: route.meta is now available
  • You can now define a middleware as a function
  • You now have access to this.$router and inside your store actions
  • You can set body: true in your head.script[] to move your scripts at the end of <body>
  • nuxt generate — no-build: Useful for conditions when just dynamic routes are being changed
  • A new configuration is available: build.styleResources, allowing to import automatically pre-processor resources to your Vue components
  • You can extend even further Nuxt by using our internal hooks

What’s next?

New documentation

Better release rate



Better TypeScript support

Webpack 4



Nuxt.js Stickers

2017 Statistics

Google Analytics

  • 4M page views
  • 238K users
  • Top 5 countries (visitors): China, United States, Russia, Japan & France — Page views for 2017


  • 84 releases on GitHub
  • +8600 stars on GitHub
  • +300 contributors ❤️
  • +2500 issues & PR (90% closed)



NPM downloads in 2017

Open Collective

  • 7 organizations
  • 53 people
  • 1 sponsor:

Projects using Nuxt

Thank you




The Vue.js Framework

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The Vue.js Framework

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