Nuxt.js 2.0: Webpack 4, ESM Modules, create-nuxt-app and more! 💫

4 min readSep 21, 2018


YES! Nuxt 2.0 is finally out!

We are really excited to release Nuxt.js v2.0.0, a major release with a lot of improvements. We recommend to look at the GitHub release note to know more about the technical details 🕵️‍.

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We are proud to announce our official scaffolding tool that takes over nuxt templates (starter template, express templates, …).

With create-nuxt-app you can choose between integrated server-side framework (Express, Koa, Adonis…), UI frameworks (Vuetify, Bootstrap, Tailwind…) and if you plan to use axios module.

It will be faster to start a new Nuxt app from now 🚀.

Webpack 4 & Babel 7

This means, faster bootup time and faster re-compilation 🚀.

We highly recommend to read our last Medium article "Nuxt 2 is coming!" to learn more about the technical changes related to Webpack.


Here a short summary for everyone to see what happened since we have created Nuxt.

Google Analytics

  • ~12M page views
  • ~750 K unique visitors
  • Top 5 countries (visitors): United States, China, England, Japan and Russia
~ 750 K unique visitors since the launch of documentation website


  • 96 releases on GitHub
  • ~14860 stars on GitHub
  • ~3900 issues & PR (97% closed)



NPM downloads


We are proud to announce two new core team members:

  • Alexander Lichter, known as ManniL
  • Jonas Galvez, known as galvez

We also want to thank all our contributors helping us on answering questions, fixing bug reports and being present on our Discord.

Special thanks to Aldarund who is the top #1 user answering Nuxt.js questions on StackOverlow:

Open Collective

We have been on Open Collective since May 2017 ( and we would like to thank all of you for supporting us ❤️

Open Collective Partners

A huge thank to our two partners and for their support!


We are very proud of our community and are looking forward to new contributors. We recently opened our Discord server, so please, come to chat with us about the present & future of Nuxt.js!

Discord + Nuxt = 💚

Join us here:

Professional Support with TideLift

We've partnered with TideLift to offer professional support for Nuxt.js, and it's now available!

Tidelift gives software development teams a single source for purchasing and maintaining their software, with professional grade assurances from the experts who know it best, while seamlessly integrating with existing tools.

Get supported Nuxt with the Tidelift Subscription and support us working full time on Nuxt.js 💚


Vue London (LONDON, UK • SEPTEMBER 20–21, 2018)

Vue Fes Japan (NOVEMBER 3, 2018)

Vue Toronto (TORONTO, CA • NOVEMBER 14–16, 2018)

Vue.js Amsterdam (AMSTERDAM, NL• FEBRUARY 14–15, 2019)

If you need awesome Nuxt speakers for meetups, conferences or workshops, contact us at

Thank you

Thank you so much for your help and feedback on nuxt-edge to make this release as stable as possible ✨