An Open Letter to Passion

Dear Passion,

Have you ever love someone, so much, that you can’t even bear the sight of them? That being with them is excruciatingly painful, but be parted from them leaves you aimless and ungratifying.

You’re wondering if the love is unrequited. Most of the time you feel like they never love you back. But, how about those times when they passionately made love to you? Ahh.. That honeymoon period.

Like a compass needle constantly searching for north, you keep drawn into them. You feel at home when you’re around them. But the thought of spending the rest of your days with them — a full blown commitment — gives you cold sweat, makes your pulse accelerated, nauseous and anxious. It’s not rare that it gives you panic attack.

This constantly makes you second-guessing yourself; can you give what they need? Can you keep up with them? Will you be able to make sacrifices for them? Have you actually give anything for them? What if they fail you? Can you love them larger than yourself; larger than life itself? Because deep down you know only that kind of love triumphs. Only that kind of love lasts. Only that kind of love.. Survives.

Everybody’s got somebody to love and once upon a time I chose you. This unrequited love of mine eats me alive but one I cannot live without.

Do I still have the strength to keep loving you?

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