Don’t throw sand over my eyes. On the burkini ban and European cruelty
Flavia Dzodan

There’s a lot to unpack in this article and I concede many points, maybe even most, especially how we europeans (and Americans) treat foreigners and the tragically disadvantaged. BUT I can’t help think why anyone would want to “sun” themselves on a beach in a “burkini”. Perhaps she’d find less harassment in her back yard or rooftop. There’s an assumption here that any form of dress should be allowed in any circumstance and social norms are ad hoc some form of oppressive social control. Try that in any part of the world EXCEPT libertine Europe and you will likely land in jail post hoc. Given the FACT that there have been women jihadists, particularly in Iraq, who have hidden bombs in voluminous fabric, I’d give anyone I see in a burka a VERY WIDE BERTH at the beach.

So I think Flavia is right about immigrants and not about the “oppression” caused by citizens who establish proper dress norms for themselves.

Also, as a male, I have also been scrupulously regarded by women at the beach when I was a bare-chested younger man and I miss those days intensely. I suspect the women who regarded me then were looking for something of the same as well.

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