Give life back to writing

~ Hello World

I used to have a blog when I was younger. I can recall two personal and 3 niche blogs focused on games and software. I used to write daily, how fun it was at that time. I was ~15 years old and first post was published on a blog powered by WordPress 2 (oh dear).

I enjoyed writing a lot, although at this young age you likely don’t have much to share, but there was something hidden behind. Being a child it is hard to collaborate, discuss with older ones because of ageism. I was different, I was behind a computer screen. Being anonymous gave me possibility to interact and share experience freely with people older than me, as long as my real age was a secret. I was familiar with Photoshop after some photography lessons and began doing some web design for my personal blog, at the same time I start hacking on WordPress to give a unique touch to my blog, this drew me into programming, this was like love at first sight.

I discovered programming via hacking on WordPress. Now writing was not interesting to me, coding was the new poetry, and considering school and my new hobby, I abandoned writing, it wasn’t important for me anymore, nor I had time for it.

Time passed, I became a software developer doing freelance work at my young 16s, was hired soon as a frontend developer, one year later as a WordPress developer at the company I work till today. Began studying Computer Engineering, then 4 year later graduated as Software Engineer.

I tried a few times to write again, but lack of inspiration was decisive every single time. Half year ago I began reading John Saddington’s thoughts and why writing is important, he actually convinced me to try it again.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” — Ernest Hemingway
Credits to Florian Klauer

Here am I, writing this post, enjoying every key touched with my bare fingers, 4 hours before sunrise. Beginning is hard, but I feel more confident with each word I type.

Writing isn’t hard, If you don’t think so, I highly encourage you to start reading John’s thoughts or Joshua’s thoughts on blogging.