Brief overview of Native Video Box advisory board

Native Video Box can’t be prouder of its team members, and we take a special pride in our project’s advisory board, which consists of professionals in various fields who have believed in our project. Here is a couple of words about each of them:

Mike Raytsin

Mike is a co-founder of ICObox, the most scalable provider of token offering services. Serial entrepreneur, angel investor, crypto industry visioner. He advises only a limited number of ICO projects, so we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him onboard recently.

Julian Zegelman

Managing Partner at Velton Zegelman PC, a boutique corporate and securities law firm with offices in San Francisco (CA), Sunnyvale (CA), and Moscow (Russia). Julian’s practice focuses on corporate law, securities, venture capital, and the emerging field of cryptocurrency law. He is an experienced corporate attorney, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Julian is involved in structuring and/or investing the following token crowd-sales (aka “ICOs”): Starta ICO, Suretly,, Blackmoon Crypto, Cindicator and ParagonCoin. Julian joined Native Video Box advisory board in October, 2017.

Yaacov Bitton

Yaacov is a CEO and Co-founder of Advanced Cash: easy to use and versatile online payment system that is one of the most popular payment service provider gateways for fiat — token operations the in the crypto community. One of the first members of NVB international team.

Alexander Miheev

Managing Director of Finam Global Investment Fund, focusing on executive management of equities and Chief Operating Officer of GOSU.AI: AI-based startup in personalized cybersport coaching. Alexander has been onboard with the project since the early stage of its development.

Georgy Mikhaylets

Georgy is a Co-founder and Vice President of Business Development in Win Pay: one of the largest instant mass transfer systems on the East-European market of international banking services for individuals.