WWE Raw: 4/10/17

Raw opens up with fireworks and Michael Cole announcing a sold-out show at the Nassau Coliseum.

The show kicks off with John Cena’s music and the crowd responding with a “John Cena Sucks” chants and it turns out that it’s the Miz & Maryse dressed as John Cena and Nikki Bella.

The Miz & Maryse have officially joined the Raw Brand but are soon interrupted by the next draft

Dean Ambrose’s music hits & he states he’s glad him, John Cena and Nikki have joined Raw and he’s glad that it wasn’t the Miz & Maryse. The Miz goes off to explain that him and his wife have joined Raw, once Dean realizes this he hits the Miz with Dirty Deeds

The Miz & Maryse and Dean Ambrose joining Raw is cool but that gives Raw both the IC and US titles.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The New Day make their way out to the ring with a blow-up doll with dreadlocks and say that it’s Kofi Kingston as he’s currently out with an injury which leads to them calling out the Revival who injured Kofi.

The Revival got the Win by reversing the Midnight Hour into a Shatter Machine. The 2nd win by the Revival on The New Day

impressive match by the Revival and continuing to build the feud with the New Day which probably ends at Payback.

Backstage ‘The King of the Cruiserweights’ Neville is interviewed backstage who is interrupted by TJ Perkins, Neville states that TJ is a joke now and any opportunity he had was given to Austin Aries. Neville tells TJ that he is the only one who respects him, Aries joins in and states anyone can see that Neville is lying, Aries asks TJ that he doesn’t believe him does he..TJ walks off without answering.

Next up Austin Aries takes on TJ Perkins. After hitting TJ Perkins with a splash Austin Aries taunted Neville from the barricade. Neville made his way to the ring from the announce table. After almost getting counted out Aries made his way back into the ring. Aries still being distracted by Neville was caught with a roll-up pin by TJ Perkins for the W.

Solid match by Aries and TJ with the Neville distraction and a heel turn by TJ Perkins, hopefully building into a Triple Threat match.

Curt Hawkins announces himself as the next Raw Brand member and asks to be welcomed, The Big Show made his way down to the ring and hit Hawkins with a KO Punch.

Seth Rollins cuts a promo stating he doesn’t know what show he’ll be on after tonight due to at Wrestlemania when he caused Stephanie McMahon to be knocked into a table and needing to take time off due to her injury. Kurt Angles music hits and he announces that as long as he’s the General Manager on Raw that he has a home on Raw. After shaking hands Kurt’s music hits and the segment seems to end but Samoa Joe attacks Rollins from behind and they go back and forth. Seth knocked Joe out of the ring ending the segment with two superkicks.

Seth will be staying on Raw and looks like he’ll be feuding with Samoa Joe in the next couple of weeks.

Backstage Kevin Owens is interviewed backstage about the Superstar Shake up and Owens states that Chris Jericho should be the one who’s asked about it because he should be sent to SD to get away from Owens. Owens goes on to say that he’s the face of America and that Dean Ambrose’s IC title doesn’t matter and that Ambrose should know his place.

Next up Charlotte takes on Nia Jax with Nia dominating for most of the match, Charlotte managed a top rope moonsault to the outside on Nia and an attempted figure four. Nia Jax got the W with a Big Splash and a Samoan Drop.

Nia Jax looked like she could have seriously injured Charlotte during the match with a shoulder breaker. Charlotte is rumored to be going to SD and Nia remains looking dominant however

Jinder Mahal takes on Finn Balor in his first singles match since returning last week on Raw. Fairly quick match where Jinder’s offense was a stiff forearm but after Balor came back with a sling blade and running drop kick he caught the W with a Coup De Grace.

Pretty competitive match and Finn Balor’s moveset is pretty impressive they need to find something for Jinder or move him to SD however

After the match Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen announcing that Raw is his home now and that Finn should watch himself, because Bray will be watching him ending the segment.

The Announce team has announces Apollo Crews, Kalisto, Heath Slater and Rhyno have all joined Raw.

Next match is Sami Zayn takes on The Miz, during the match when Zayn was about to hit The Miz with a big boot in the corner Maryse made the save. Maryse later tried to do it again by grabbing Zayn by the foot and Miz trying to hit a Skull Crushing Finale but Zayn reversed with a roll up pin for the W.

Sami Zayn takes the most punishment week in and week out and he still manages to put on a good match and the Miz’s DBry imitation is actually kind of over with the crowd.

Backstage segment with Roman Reigns speaking on his match with the Undertaker but was attacked by Braun Strowman. Strowman laid out Reigns by Tossing him through a table, tossing him into the loading bay, a running powerslam and rolled a box into Romans head. The crowd gave Strowman a huge pop. As Reigns as he was being loaded onto a stretcher the crowd was chanting “You Deserve It”. Strowman proceeded to wheel the stretcher off the docking bay. After finally loading Roman into the Ambulance Braun came back and continued his attack, closed the doors to the Ambulance and lead to him pushing it over on his side.

The next match featured was a 8 man Tag Match between the Hardy Boyz/Sheamus & Cesaro vs The Shining Stars and Gallows & Anderson. The Drifter from NXT appeared at the beginning of the match on the ramp. Matt hit the Twist of Fate on Primo and followed up by Jeff with a Swanton Bomb for the W.

Good build for the Raw Tag Team Division and the crowd loved the Suicide Dive by Jeff which was the highlight of the match.

Backstage segment we see Dana reading “How To Be Your Own Protege” and she’s interrupted by Emma, Dana states while Emma has been having her own identity crisis the Raw Women’s Division has gotten better and that she’s going to be working on her own from now on.

Sasha introduced Raw Women’s Champion Bayley, Bayley cuts a promo thanking the fans for supporting her, Sasha states that her Wrestlemania moment is over and she wants the Raw Women’s match but is quickly cut off by Alexa Bliss’ music. Alexa states she’s sick of both Bayley and Sasha and she wants the Raw Women’s Title. Mickie James interrupts next and states that she’s also been drafted to Raw. Nia Jax attacked Mickie from behind, inside the ring attacked Sasha tossing her outside the ring and landed a Samoan Drop on Bayley, afterward getting into a stare with Alexa holding the title in hand.

The Main Event of the night featured Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens. After a back and forth between the two out of no where Dean Ambrose landed a Dirty Deeds for the W. Chris Jericho’s music hit and he made his way down to the ring and after ducking a clothesline lands a Codebreaker on Owens and tells the crowd to “Drink It In mannnn” ending the show.

Good main event with Dean Ambrose getting the win in his first match back on Raw against a possibly SD draftee Kevin Owens.

Pretty good show and the Raw Shake Up Show was different from their typical Draft Shows featuring both shows and as I mentioned my highlight was The Braun Strowman/Roman Reigns segment and it provided the most crowd entertainent