Portishead — Roseland NYC Live (1º)

Album cover — Portishead roseland nyc live

I went to college in 1996. As any other kid, love affairs seem to be the height and the low of life. The main role of Portishead was to amplify the suffering of the heartbreaks!

The album Dummy by Portishead was great for this purpose. It was gloomy with tragic words, the best to endure a heartbreak.

The band stayed faithful to its sound with the second album named Portishead (1997).

A few years later Portishead released the Roseland NYC Live.

This was a different approach. Their sound, with the backing of an orchestra of 30 people brought new intensity to the songs. The regret, the discontent, the sour taste, the suffering was better than ever.

This album was a “best of” but deeper and more powerful. It almost felt good to feel bad. Almost!

Eventually I had no need for Portishead in my life 😉. Still, they were part of my life, on and off, during college. As a student, the best I could afford was a cheap pair of headphones and a CD player. Wonderful setup at that time.

20 years passed… I was browsing for Christmas gifts by the end of 2016. Vinyl was on the rise again. By then I had already confessed to my wife that I missed hearing the vinyl my father played for me when was of young age. I stopped in front of the Portishead — Roseland NYC Live and made a simple remark. Something on the line of: “I am sure this would sound fantastic in the right setup.” And I just moved on searching for Christmas presents and didn’t gave it a second thought.

Well a few days later I was absolutely surprised to receive the vinyl record as a gift. Now I was the proud owner of… a vinyl record. A double LP :P

It took a few months to hear the record in its full glory. And yes, I can tell with property, that this is an LP that it is worth to hear in vinyl.

This was the most imperfectly perfect gift. It took me on the adventure of acquiring a vinyl sound setup and the adventure that I want to share, my vinyl collection.

During the next months I bought my vinyl setup and started my record collection!

This will be a series of posts about my record collection and what is my connection to such albums, if any.