Viet — 2868606 : Assessment 1(Week 1)PHOTO FRAME

I chose a strip of topographies forming an elevation inspired by Ed Ruscha. In 1966, Ed Ruscha officially published a photographic art book called “EVERY BUILDING ON THE SUNSET STRIP”. Ed Ruscha’s art work focus on the humble, simple and kind of boring elements surrounding him. However, It actually turns out pretty interesting when he bring all fragmented pieces together. The artist continuously took the photo of Sunset Strip for 5 years in total and finally join all together. In my opinion, his goal is possibly to signify the shape of human surrounding as well as the transformation process. I pick a place that I have come across every single day — the Bardwell Park’s station. In the set of picture is the view where people can see while walking along the platform. There is no highlighted or outstanding type of things about the views but in the whole picture. Every single frame of the picture focuses on certain ordinary objects but joining it all together creates whole view of the platform which is kind of interesting for me. In fact, human eye only frames the elements at the moment which is the limitation to see the whole big pictures. Perhaps, this technique provides the new information that we may have missed as we normally see. Photographing technique for this process is not too tough. As Ed Ruscha mounted his camera on the car for picture capturing, I tried to hold the camera at the same position and took pictures as I moved along.


Every Building On Sunset Strip, viewed 1 April 2017,

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