Jive in Chicago — Uber and Airbnb

After the two-day road trip that is redolent of cow dung and other weird smells, we finally arrived at…Chicago!It was a last-minute decision. I was going to Chicago anyways to get my visa, but it would also be cool to stay in the mountains for a week. One hour before our departure, I rented a decent apartment on Airbnb, booked my visa appointment, and grabbed two friends, who were, as it turned out, my designated driver, key keeper and parking valet.

I could not stress enough how convenient it is to have apps like Airbnb and Uber on your phones. There are, of course, similiar service provided by other companies/websites, but I feel like Airbnb and Uber made a breakthrough by offering timely, affordable service with surprisingly high-quality. The Online-to-offline module is definitely working! With service like these and Apple pay, phone addicts like me now have a very good reason to keep the phone around for 24 hours.

Will Uber be the next hook-up app? I’ve heard the rumor that some girls would choose only drivers who drive their own Rolls Royce or other expensive cars. Although I cannot understand this mentality, I can definitely see it coming. As someone who likes to drive her own car, I don’t feel like using this service very often.

However, I did use it when I was in London, definitely using it in San Francisco when I head there in April. London’s public transport system is beyond words (buses, trains, black cabs, tubes, even bicycles). During my two-month stay, we only used Uber once because of the 10 pound coupon. That being said, I’m still very impressed at Uber’s themed events all around the world — They all sounded very interesting!

After we settled in our Apartment, I was surprised to find out that the owner of this building, Bogdan, shares the same name of my Art professor and is also from Poland. He bought us breakfast and extra blankets. We shard a fun conversation full of stereotypes — the mysterious Chinese lady using all the toilet paper, sauna room, marry to get green cards and jobless art majors. After connecting to the wi-fi(first things first), we resumed our adventure in Chicago.

The Lego Store is the highlight of today’s craziness
A bad photo I took in bad traffic

The traffic situation was not as bad as we imagined. We were able to find parking on Michigan Ave and other main streets. But $6 for half an hour was pretty crazy, we moved around until we find a free parking spot. To supplement the craziness, I saw a huge pink mustache on a car’s bumper, which is very creative on St.Patricks day. I felt that the green water just looked like it was severely polluted.

We passed by the lake on our way to dinner. The blue icy surface was so beautiful with its sense of serenity.

I dug up an old photo I took on a road trip to Aspen. I miss the wonderful mountains in Colorado. But I have a feeling that tomorrow’s walk by the lake will be as exciting as the hikes.

In the spirit of digging through my documents, I found a short video called The Jive Turkey.

I refused to testify. And it took forever to open that lid.
This is my birth father (who also raped me, according to the script)
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