Interview with renowned personal trainer Lawrence Price

  1. How did your journey as PT to the stars begin?

It started on a rugby pitch when I was 20. My right knee blew out and I ruptured my ACL and meniscus. At that point I was studying a degree in journalism and focussing on a rugby career, followed by the prospect of sports journalism thereafter. Instead, I entered into an incredible year long phase of sports rehab, at the highest level, with my rugby club and the Welsh Institute of Sport. When I returned back to the rugby pitch I was fitter and stronger than before the injury — the whole experience sparked a fascination with how we can physically develop and strengthen ourselves. After I graduated, I moved from Cardiff to Bristol to study for my Personal Training qualifications and I have never looked back. I have been coaching ever since — the last 8 years of which have been spent in London, a city that has been great to me and provided some fantastic opportunities to work on some amazing projects with some wonderful people. I count myself very lucky.

2. What’s the best thing about your job?

The variety for sure — every single hour is quite literally different due to the fact I’m working with individuals with varying training considerations and goals. Again I’m extremely lucky as I get on very well with every one of my clients, they are all great people… I am continually learning from them. It’s important to surround yourself with great people and I’m fortunate my job does exactly that every day.

3. And what can be the most challenging? I imagine there are lots of early starts!

It used to be the long days for sure. There was a 5 year period when I was starting my first session at 6.30am 5 days a week and not finishing until 9pm. Staying fresh throughout is not always easy, but it provided me with a discipline to produce quality no matter what number session or time of the day it was. I remember regularly starting my last session of the week feeling pretty exhausted but I challenged myself to ensure it was just as high a quality as session as number one. Any coach worth their salt has had to do their time in the trenches earning their stripes in this manner. I’m lucky nowadays I can choose to work far more sociable hours but it takes time to get there.

4. What’s a day in the life of of LPPT?

Nowadays it’s extremely varied — I try to limit myself to 5 PT sessions max daily but it has recently crept back up to 8 or 9 on occasion. Those days are pretty intense because it’s 9 hours of 1 on 1 face time in person with some pretty sharp and successful people. You have to ensure you remain focussed on the training plan, mentally agile enough to react and adapt as you assess the clients movement on the day, all whilst holding down some pretty high brow conversations at times. Obviously I’m extremely high brow anyway so I have no problems there, lol (but seriously).

Ideally my days will consist of 3 PT sessions in the morning and a couple more in the afternoon or evening. I will fill in the gaps with my own training, article writing, content creation and often an event or two that links in with my social media and networking within the industry.

5. Top 5 favourite things to do in London for fitness?

SO much great stuff to do when it comes to fitness in London… and I’m discovering more week on week! But at this moment in time there are a few things that I am particularly loving: A) Joining an Active Man group workout/comp. These sessions involve 20 or so of Londons top fitness men training together and against each other at a new London location each time. Last session was at Reach Fitness in Clapham and before that we smashed out some pretty brutal sessions on Clapham Common, Farm Fitness in Essex and The Foundry to name but a few. These events are so tough as the standard is so high…which is great because it pushes everyone to raise their game. Can’t wait for the next one! B) Taking a Vlique or Wellness Collective session — I am lucky enough to be lead trainer for these exciting new companies and I get to take small group sessions at some awesome London locations. Recently I coached a press event on the back deck of the Sunborn Yacht over looking Canary Wharf and last week I took a workout at Face Gym on the Kings Road which incorporated a face workout. They’re all pretty cool events. C) In the Autumn I am running the Royal Parks half marathon which I can’t wait for. It’s my favourite time of year and running through all the beautiful parks of London will be such a treat! D) When I fancy a bit of solitude within the city I like to take myself off to one of the vantage points overlooking the city, such as Primrose Hill, Greenwich Conservatory or Hampstead Heath and enjoy a strong coffee at one of the cafes before heading off on a run with my headphones plugged in. When you’re in the right mood there’s nothing better! I get some of my best ideas and inspirations at these moments. E) I spend so much time coaching others, sometimes I love to switch off and let someone else guide me and push me through my paces. I’m lucky that some of my best mates are some of London’s top trainers and so I’ll often pop in for a buddy workout with one of them. For instance one of my besties, Tom Eastham, coaches down at Crossfit Shapesmiths in Clapham Junction. I’m not a Crossfit coach so it’s great to head there and get stuck into some of that good stuff. I’ll always get pushed hard and I’ll always learn something in that environment.

6. What are your favourite London healthy eating joints?

The Natural Kitchen, Waterloo (

I’m often in and out of London via Waterloo station. The Natural Kitchen on the balcony is the perfect place to refuel after a busy week of coaching.

Farmacy, Westbourne Grove (

Farmacy is perfect for mid-week dinner out with friends when you want delicious healthy food done in a smart environment. It’s all about getting BIG flavours from nutritiously dense food.

Pret A Manger, King’s Road

When life is full-on and there’s little time to plan meals, my reliable fast food go-to is Pret. I’ll often grab the crayfish and avocado salad, sprinkle it with a bag of mixed nuts and enjoy with a sparkling water for some extra decadence and shazam!

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