Strong (mind and body) not Skinny

So pre launching the NW Zen campaign I’ve been doing a lot of reading, gathering and thinking. As I previously mentioned I love the whole mind/body health craze that has kicked off in London, but there is one thing, particularly as a Mum, I am very conscious of and that is that being healthy, whether it be exercise or eating, should not be about being thin or losing weight.

So many of the snappy twitter pronouncements or website headlines say things like “how to lose weight quickly” or “get yourself bikini ready this summer” and I hover my curser over the article link and then I think, pffftt no, don’t go there, it’ll just lead you to a negative self-critical mindset, you end up questioning things like “why did I inhale that M&S walnut whip earlier, ugh so greedy” or “seriously you need to cut back on drinking red wine” which in turn can make you feel kind of shitty.

What I like about the message the Move your Frame’s and Deliciously Ella’s put out into the world, is that its not about deprivation or being thin, its about looking after yourself, eating things that make you feel good, going to yoga or fitness classes that leave you feeling exhilarated and uplifted. The message behind healthy living should always be about feeling strong mentally and physically. Not self-conscious, unhappy and thin. Lets keep pushing the positive messages out there for all the young girls and boys growing up in this crazy social media world.

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