Day 8: Something I struggle with

Time Management. I’ve noticed that, try as much as I can, I never always seem to manage my time properly enough to accomplish the tasks I’ve set for myself. Like I said in a previous post, I like to plan. Well, somehow, I seldom get to complete everything on my plan. Not at school, not at home… not at work! I didn’t always complete my reading assignments in school. I always have to rely on extra time to complete my house chores. And I have trouble finishing up my set out tasks at work. And every day, I tell myself it’s gonna be different, but it has, largely, remained the same.

This has been a sore point for me for a while now. One time, I decided that it was because I was probably putting too much tasks in too little a time frame. So, I decided to reduce it. Guess what… I still didn’t complete the fewer tasks. I noticed I kept idling away time because I felt there was more than enough. So, I reverted to my normal schedule jare.

However, I noticed also that having a lot on my plate per time is better because it puts me under pressure to deliver. It helps me focus better because I have a lot of stuff to cover in a little time period. This kind of pressure can be positive or negative depending on how one measures the outcomes at the end of the day. For me, instead of measuring my progress by whether I completed the entire tasks, I’ve begun to measure it by how much of the task I completed relative to what I had initially planned. The smaller left undone, the better for me as it shows I’ve made progress. Then, I restrategize for the next day.

Another factor that helps me, especially in meeting long term goals, is the fact that time is never enough no matter how much it may seem. There’s simply not enough time to do everything you want to do, so one must learn the ability to prioritize and get started on the important tasks immediately. And one must learn to say “no” to other less important tasks, especially when they come from other people (such as colleagues and friends). I started doing this one recently.

I read somewhere that the term “Time Management” is an oxymoron. Time cannot actually be managed. It just keeps ticking. We can’t save it or slow it down, or speed it up. We can only manage ourselves to constantly make the most of our time. Hence, it has more to do with one’s level of discipline. Hence, in order to ‘manage time’ more efficiently one must increase one’s level of discipline in order to maximize productivity. I’m working on this big time. As Bishop Oyedepo would say, “No one can achieve lasting success without high level discipline.”