XMax a Roadmap to blockchain for Gaming and Entertainment Industries

……it was Monday again after a wild weekend, I reluctantly left my bed onto my PC, while surfing through the internet I stumbled across XMax project, seeing it had to do with the entertainment and gaming industry I decided to conduct a research, and here I find myself writing an article on what I believe to be a fantastic project. In this article, I’ll be giving a summary of what XMax entails and its benefits.

XMax is an open source ecosystem that provides developers with the support needed to craft their ideas successful. They aim to establish a scalable, high-performance, safe and easy-to-use blockchain ecosystem for entertainment industry developers. XMax offers developers a versatile SDK kit with modules and APIs which substantially shorten time to market for blockchain products.

XMax is an all-in-one blockchain ecosystem for the entertainment industry which comprises a set of developer tools that makes it easier to build and distribute decentralized applications. They focus on meeting the demands of the entertainment and gaming industries; the XMax platform has an inbuilt base-layer technology to support the future of blockchain APP development and distribution.

With the intent to bridge this knowledge gap they offer a JavaScript-based smart contract language (WebX.js) and a variety of smart contract templates. XMax provides these templates and their entire development toolset for FREE to all developers, as well as a DAPP Store, as they believe are vital to the success of XMax and its community.

XMX is the native token on the XMax platform and interacts with sidechains or DAPPs via dual wedging to facilitate asset exchanges on the platform. XMax currently supports two token models: XMX Rice also known as Fungible Tokens and XMX Lobster which is also referred to as Non-Fungible Tokens.

The XMX rice is used to Operate XMax Ecosystem, XMax platform users can release fungible tokens which are similar to ERC20 and exchange them in payment for services or other tokens on or off the platform. XMX Lobster is used for assets and groups of assets, XMax users can release asset tokens which are similar to ERC721. Each token is unique and non-divisible, these tokens represent item ownership on the blockchain.

XMax is designed to consolidate specific functions on separate sidechains, rather than consolidating all smart contracts on a single public chain. The platform is more than just a public blockchain; it is more like an operating system which connects to existing blockchain data sources to process data both on-chain and off-chain.

It connects to other public blockchains like the Ethereum Network by providing a set of open-chain access protocols and integrating other blockchains as XMax sidechains, with open-chain access protocols, developers can easily access data shared on other blockchains thereby improving the developers’ and the users’ experience.


XMX users can purchase paid content on the XMax Platform, including in-game items and services which will be tradable across different platform integrated games. XMX will also be incorporated into a community contribution and account systems as the platform develops.

XMax will place the majority of the yearly XMX Token release with the community to encourage self-governance and form a stronger blockchain ecosystem. They will distribute XMX tokens throughout the XMax DAPP Store, user community and the XMax platforms accessed by third-party public chains. The tokens will help to provide the services needed to connect users within and beyond the XMax ecosystem.

XMax supports independently creating currency tokens and non-fungible asset tokens, where each non-fungible token is unique and able to represent a real-world object. For instance, Props, stars, celebrities can submit their entertainment tokens on the blockchain and list them on a digital asset trading platform. Resale is allowed between users and fans. When users put their assets for sale, they can set selling prices, quantities and other essential information.

DAPP creators can use XMax features to develop entertainment APPs based on their business logic, setting their consensus mechanism for each sidechain. They can also choose mining mechanisms that utilize a user’s idle computing power to provide services to the network while allowing the user to earn XMX Rice tokens.

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