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Early morning in London. I shot this knowing it would be my last set of customer visits for PS. I soaked it in and mother nature paid it back big with this lucky pic from the hotel room.
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The team ordered me a custom Bedell with everyone's signatures. It did me in. Balled like a baby.

Yesterday, at the end of nearly six years at Pluralsight, I realized there was no way that I could wrap up all the things that took place in one final team meeting or a dinky little Slack note. So I created this flyover of my thoughts, memories, and mixed emotions.

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I am still processing and I think at some point it will hit me that the creating and building chapter at Pluralsight has actually come to a close.

Six years of customer visits and team member emails, Slacks (so many Slacks), Google docs, Board presentations, PS Live mainstages, offsites, incident response communications, product releases, Figma files, IPO whirlwind tour, and then publicly-traded duties, COVID response plans, earthquake preparedness and responses to social injustices, everything was turned off at 6:30 pm last night. As if it never happened as if I was never there. It was a tad bit of panic, a tad bit of relief, and a tad bit of I-am-not-sure-how-to-feel. Ok, I am being a tad bit dramatic. …


Nate Walkingshaw

Family, Building Product, Running and Biking, CXO @Pluralsight,

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