The Front Door

The old man seldom closed his front door.

And although Mrs. Jossip saw this each morning, she never reminded him. Why would she? What did it matter to her? No, no - she simply shook her head and saved that tidbit of information for the ladies at the grocery store.

“Men,” she would begin, “they always forget the important things. You know, one day something is going to happen, and that crazy old man…” The other ladies waited for her to finish — but Mrs. Jossip did not. She only raised her eyebrows, and began to gather the onions for dinner. Yes, enjoyed hinting at the truth (especially when it was her truth).

One day, however, when Mrs. Jossip was coming home the old man waved from his fence.

“Jean,” he called. “I… I saw that you left your front door open today… so I went over with my spare key to lock it up. I… I hope you don’t mind.”