The Word On The Streets XVII: The Overheard Underwater Edition
Feyi Fawehinmi

That number 4 is incomplete.

Why did LIRS ask him to reduce it by 90%? Without that info, we can’t make much sense of it.

MMIA has improved. I say that with clenched teeth. It is not much news because of how bad it had gotten in the recent past. Still a long way to go but surely some progress based on my lat use of its facilities few months back.

On number 10, I do not blame the Oba of Oowu. I blame the state government. Some govt agency should be able to harness the potentials of that waterfall in partnership with the Oba.

On number 9, there is nothing to see there. Football administration like other facets of society (including justice administration) cannot be any different from the society itself. Why will referees cabal be any different from the rest of society? Are they not Nigerians? Do they not see that corruption and criminality is never punished and often celebrated?

On number 2, I heard a federal government spokesman say the rains were nothing special, just usual July rains. If that is correct,then why has the State government done nothing about usual expected rains? We really need to reevaluate this thing of sand-filling every available water body. The might not be the cause but I am certain it is not one of the solutions.

Best wishes to the couple in number 3. As a very risk-averse fellow, I have special respect for those bold enough to step out. May their dream never die. May their craze for nuts brings satisfaction to them.

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