Review: How to not Suck at Design, the 5-minute guide for non-designers

This article was extremely well-structured and easy to follow. The author took a visual, task-oriented concept, and spun an article that directly reflected that.

As a topic or concept was explained, you could expect to immediately find the corresponding visual example. Even in explaining text-color contrast, he constructed the supporting example within the article by demonstrating within the paragraph at hand.

Each subsection was concise, well spaced, and in itself had a very clean design. The font size varied to emphasize and highlight examples and importance, or, in-turn, to point out mistakes. As you read through each numbered tip, you begin to notice on your own device where and how these tactics are implemented.

As the audience was clearly stated to be for beginners, the author made good-use of adjectives and descriptive examples. This made the learning process that much easier to understand, and swallow. That’s just my opinion; see for yourself!

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