Our claim and business model from the beginning has always been to donate 10% of all our profits to worthy charities that help fight against sex slavery and homelessness.

After almost a year of running a small business, we’ve decided it’s going to be easier for us to track our giving by saying that we are going to donate $1 from every product that gets ordered rather than a straight 10% of our profits.

After everything we spend on creating products, marketing them, and getting the orders into customer’s hands, a $1 donation from each product sold is still around…

Growing a beard isn’t all that difficult, but after attaining the length you want, it can be stressful when it comes to up-keep. Here are a few tips for keeping the man-mane under control and looking epic…

1. Don’t use shampoo on your face

Seriously guys, this is a big no-no! Your head and facial hair are different types of skin. This means, where shampoo with chemicals and all kinds of other smell-goody crap (you should be careful with what you use) might not be that bad for your head hair, the same isn’t always true for your face.

Facial skin is a bit more sensitive. Using…

So it’s been about 7 months since we opened our digital doors, and it’s been a blast! We’ve been blown away by how our customer-base has received our products, which is super rewarding because we really put our blood, sweat, and tears into the products & brand we’re producing.

Currently, Northwest Beard Supply has come up with 3 different premium beard oils + beard balms, and we’ve been putting in work to get a proper mustache wax into your hands…or mustache, really.

Start of Summer Giveaway

We’ve also decided to put on our first giveaway! There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners…

Photo by James Garcia

A beard-ful blog post by Northwest Beard Supply

Dudes, let’s face it, we as men like the attention of beard-praise. The compliments of friends and family leave us feeling good about ourselves, our testosterone level, and give us a heathy boost of pride.

However, while a well-groomed beard adds a great accessory to a man’s appearance, we’re starting to see a deeper shift in thought within the industry. One that I’m excited for.

While this might seem a bit odd, it seems more and more companies are creating more than just a marketing buzz amongst their peers. …

Hand-crafting premium beard essentials for today’s modern man.

Hello! My name is Greg Becker of Portland, Oregon. I’m a UX / Product designer by trade, mostly doing work at companies like Nike, Bodybuilding.com, Intel, and a handful of creative agencies. My wife Megan, is a professional nanny and loves to work with children.

On November 15, we started an online beard and men’s grooming company called Northwest Beard Supply LLC, consisting of a small (for now) product line, making up three different beard oils:

Northwest Beard Supply

Hand-crafting premium beard oils for today's modern man | Made in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

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