NWBS Charity Update

Our claim and business model from the beginning has always been to donate 10% of all our profits to worthy charities that help fight against sex slavery and homelessness.

After almost a year of running a small business, we’ve decided it’s going to be easier for us to track our giving by saying that we are going to donate $1 from every product that gets ordered rather than a straight 10% of our profits.

After everything we spend on creating products, marketing them, and getting the orders into customer’s hands, a $1 donation from each product sold is still around (approximately) 10% of our profit made…so really all in all, we aren’t changing much…just how we word / angle it. This will help with all the deals we always have going on!

For our awesome wholesale customers, due to our pricing structure for you guys, we will be giving $0.50 of every product sold, back to charity as well. Just wanted to let you guys know. Have a great week!

- NWBS Crew (Greg + Megan), www.nwbeardsupply.com