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We’re asked for it by those who have less. We exercise it when we encounter conflict. We do it every day in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. It’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. Change is all around us.

When we started the Northwest Beer Guide, we began with the mission to improve awareness of craft beer in the Pacific Northwest.

Starting as an unedited, free-flowing, editorial on a personal life, the website has slithered its way into a bipedal media source, covering everything from news to events.

Admittedly, the punctuation and grammar need work. But show me any independent, not-for-profit, website (whose writers admittedly do not possesses degrees in English Literature or Copywriting) that isn’t fraught with literary flaws. This is what it means to be an independent writer, floating in the stream of consciousness that is the Internet.

So it is with happiness and sadness that we announce the migration from our current home, as a subspace of, to our new home at

With the new digs comes a better-organized home, compatible for most mobile devices, with some of the same features you’ve enjoyed from us on this website.

Consider this your 1-month notice, to update your subscriptions, lest you miss out on important news and events. After March 31st, we will no longer be posting to this website but will ensure this remains for those who, like those distant relatives, can visit once in a while.

Cheers, Prost, Slainte, and Thanks

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