6 Amazing Tips on how to Pass Cisco CCNA Collaboration 210–060 Certification in First Attempt

Anindita Kumar
Jul 3 · 3 min read

Networking technology has developed the entire face of the world by bringing everyone and everything together. This technology made the most significant impact and has changed many lives in different ways possible.

What is CCNA Collaboration CICD?

The Cisco CCNA Collaboration Certification provides the abilities and knowledge necessary to implement Cisco Unified Communications (UC) solutions. Cisco 210–060 exam syllabus topics include administration of end-user interfaces, mobility features, telephony, and Cisco UC solutions maintenance.

This Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices (CICD) exam (210–060) is a 75-minute, 55–65 question assessment that is associated with the CCNA Collaboration certification. A candidate is proven on knowledge of administrator and end-user interfaces, telephony and mobility features, and Cisco UC solutions maintenance.

Who Should Attend this Certification?

  • IP Telephony “VoIP” Engineers
  • Network Video administrator and operator
  • IP Network Engineers
  • CCNA Collaboration Certification candidates
  • Voice / UC / Collaboration / Communications Engineer
  • Collaboration Tools Engineer
  • Collaboration Sales / Systems Engineer

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Topics Include in CCNA Collaboration 210–060 Certification:

1. Describe the Characteristics of a Cisco Unified Communications Solution
2. Provision End Users and Associated Devices
3. Configure Voice Messaging and Presence
4. Maintain Cisco Unified Communications System
5. Provide End User Support

Best 6 Tips for preparing CCNA Collaboration 210–060 Certification:-

1.Search More practice questions on the Internet:

There are lots of practice questions on CCNA available on the Internet in every domain. Do some research and practice on them. This will help you with many things.

This will also help you in learning the concepts and who knows, your luck might shine, and the questions repeat itself.

2. Reading Material:

Yes, there is lots of material available on the web from where you can learn about CCNA and its concepts. But nothing can beat Cisco Press books and your handwritten notes from your training classes.
Several books lead you to give more time on reading and understanding rather than learning and practicing. Having one reliable source makes the entire process easy.
You can always increase your learning by changing to new books and new process. But, make sure not to waste your time in getting them and not reading them.

3. Lab Practice:

In the world of Networking, nothing can be learned without practicing in the Lab. ou should follow the Mantra to be a good Networker. That is, Study a Lab, Learn, and repeat.
Nothing can beat this. For every topic you read, for every concept you understand; it cannot be learned until you practice it in your Lab on real Cisco devices. It is challenging to do Networking without its practical approach as every concept requires to be understood to remember.

4. Exam Formats:

Look for CCNA Collaboration Exam formats online. These formats have the whole CCNA examination Paper telling how much percentage of questions will consider for each topic, how much percentage of questions from sub-topics, etc.

Those formats will shape your preparation and help you understand how much time you require to spend on each topic while preparing yourself for the examination. What all topics you need to learn by heart and what all topics you can ignore (though we don’t suggest this). Mainly, this gives you a plan of action.

5. Attempt Mocks tests:

Attempt for mock tests online. There are several websites on the web where you can test yourself for CCNA Certification.

This will help you know how well you can prepare in a time-tested situation. Also, this will give you a view of how a real-time Cisco Examination would be like, and you can prepare accordingly.

6. Keep Practicing:

Practicing what you have learned is necessary to boost the concepts in your brain. You may practice every single part to get sufficient confidence to face the exam. What is written in the books gives you an idea of the underlying theory? To find out if it is true, you have to do practical work. This will provide you with some extra knowledge in addition to theoretical knowledge.

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As the workplace continues to evolve, collaboration technologies are critical to day-to-day functionality. Make your career to the next level with a Cisco CCNA Collaboration certification that will provide you with impressive professional challenges and create opportunities!

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