Monetizing Mobile Games Using Rewarded Videos

Games reviewed: Make7! Hexa Puzzle (Android), Power Hover (Android)

Having spent countless hours bringing the game to life, it is important to get your Ad strategy right. This becomes even more relevant for video based ads.

User experience will take a huge hit without a proper ad-strategy in place, and that’s why you need to look at ways to plan your monetization around the game.

Let’s take a look at some of Android Apps making clever use of implementing rewarded videos.

Loading screen from ‘Make7! Hexa Puzzle’
A Screen grab from Make7! Hexa Puzzle

Double coins by watching opt-in rewarded videos

Make7! Hexa Puzzle (Android) is a block match puzzle game that is free to download and play in the Google Play app store.

The objective of this puzzle game is to drag and drop numbered hexagon tiles to make combos. Your game ends when you run out of spaces to place your numbered hexagon tiles.

Coins are used as a spend within the game as a way to extend your gameplay.

At the result screen, you get a chance to double your earned coins during this game. Clicking on the ‘double coins chance’ button brings up a reward video. Watch the video successfully to double the amount of coins you have won for that particular round.

Look how the focus is more on the incentive for you, the player. The negative association with ads has been dealt by emphasizing on the rewards in this game. There is also no mention of a ‘watch video’ or ‘advertisement’ which might impact the user experience in a negative manner.

An opt-in reward video plays in the background
Key takeaway: Always reward forced videos. Focus on rewards to build a positive user experience.
A transition screen from ‘Power Hover’ Android game.

Continue game by watching opt-in rewarded videos

Power Hover (Android) is an action and adventure game that recently caught my attention in the Editors choice section of the Google Play app store.

Power Hover ‘Credits’

Power Hover lets you navigate themed worlds, on a hoverboard, while presenting you with plenty of surprises along the journey. Take your hoverboard through the ramps and rails, while collecting batteries all along the trail.

The objective is to stay on the trail till you reach the end checkpoint, without wrecking yourself. Each crash in the game costs you a life. When you run out of lives in the game, you are given a chance to redeem yourself for watching an opt-in video.

The Game over Screen gives players a chance to watch an Opt-in video

As we can see above, at the Game Over Screen, there are strong visual cues to suggest the user to pick the continue button to initiate the opt-in video. You still have the option to return to the main menu by clicking on the menu button.

A 30-second rewarded video plays in the background
The player gets 2 free lives and continues the game from the nearest checkpoint.

Once you click continue, you are presented with a rewarded video which you cannot skip over.

You have to watch the entire video to successfully continue playing within the game.

Besides allowing you to continue your game play through the game, you are also rewarded 2 extra free lives for watching the video successfully. All of this sounds like a good deal for you right?

Hence by implementing the rewarded video in this manner, there is very little in terms of disruption to the overall user experience.

Key takeaway: Use strong visual cues to direct users to reward videos.