Research log 1 (SKT vs KT playoff games)

Game Plan for KT and SKT:

Through out all 5 games:

  • KT had a clear plan: play the early game; try to close out the game quickly.
  • SKT, the opposite, mainly focused on defending the early move from KT.

This seem to be one dimensional, but actually, there are a lot to learn. Like there are many ways to create early leads. This series showcases how KT and SKT changed their game plan (including picks and bans) game after game. But the main idea is the same: KT wants to create early advantage; while SKT wants to defend it.

First, let’s take a look at the picks and bans:

  • LeBlanc can push the wave against Kassadin easily. So, Leblanc can always follow the jungle invade. Both jg and mid lost their match up, KT can easily set up wards in their jungle.
  • In fact, Peanut did get picked up few times.
  • However, if there is one way to release this pressure: Lane swap, if the team get the tempo advantage, they can set up wards beyond river because of number advantage.
  • Jarvan jg; Maokai top
  • SKT changed up a bit, they ban Shen and pick Galio mid, and they have J4 as jg. The reason is simple: Game 1 had shown that if both mid and jg lose their match up, their jungle will be exploded.
  • However, KT have advantage through skirmishes. Gangplank out-damage Galio. Also, Tahm Kench doesn’t do much in the early game if you can’t out-number KT.
  • Jarvan and Leblanc has kill pressure over their lane opponents :Maokai and Corki. But, they usually need the help from jg to actually kill them.
  • So, it is quite obvious that Elise (or even Thresh) would mainly focus on top and mid.
  • So, Gragas need to play the cover game on top and mid side. If Elise can help mid or top get one or two kills, then this game would be over. However, if Gragas is able to defend that, then KT would lose the mid game due to the team-comp.
  • The central strategy are the same: KT tried to get the early lead; while SKT tried to defend it.
  • But SKT keep changing the picks and bans, what I learn is that: Through out Bo5, we need to figue out what your oppoent best at (like champions, and styles), and try to ban it.
  • In this game, SKT found it. Without Kalista, KT can’t play as good as game 1 and 2.
  • Note that, Kalista has became a must ban for red side after this series.
  • Although SKT is keep changing up their bans, KT didn’t. Big question on that.
  • How to use Blitzcrank: Blitz is so good when your team have vision control over your opponent’s jungle, and especially at the time you can contest baron. At the time, they will need to face check that, we can easily get a pick with Blitz. (Usually works better at red side.)
  • Blitz and Tristana are a good pair, because they can do a lane swap at the first back. Since Tristana can push tower super quick, opponents will need to swap their bot as well. If they have the tempo advantage , Tristana can free hit the turret. Also, with extra man up (support), they can control the emery jungle easily, which is the best for Blitz.
  • Both Corki and Jarvan wins over Kassadin and Zac pre lv 6.
  • Also, KT has no kill pressure among top and bot.
  • This is actually more like a mid to late-game come. And it also rely on Kass getting fed.
  • What KT want to do is: Have Sivir stay behind; and have Kass and Shen dive the back line.
  • What SKT want to do is: 131, put Corki and Trundle in side lane. If Kass didn’t get fed. Then their side lane will be unbeatable.
  • KT’s comp is too rely on Kass getting fed. Since both Corki and Jarvan wins over Kassadin and Zac pre lv 6, Jarvan was able to invade KT’s jungle. So, ganks from KT side is forbade.


  • KT have chose blue side for 4 games, but as long as Kalista got banned. Blue side seems worthless if Tristana was not their option.
  • Why Tristana would be a good pick for KT: Tristana is a good pick for early game team because of Explosive Charge. If team can make a smart rotation during the laning phase, creating a number advantage. Tristana can free hit turret with his E.
  • Although it is a 2:3, the draft of game 1 from SKT is pretty off. First off, they picked Maokai jg and Kassindin mid. Just from the draft, we can tell their jungle will explode 100%.
  • And game 2 was a surprise for SKT, because they didn’t expect KT could pick Gangplank, who deal more damage than Galio at any phase, to counter Galio.
  • Since game 3, SKT banned Kalista and started last picking top, which already killed the early threats from bot lane and top. And, Blank can focus on Score. If Blank is able to stop Score from ganking lanes, then theoretically, they have a huge chance of winning.