Tactics Breakdown (SSG vs LZ, game 1, 8/6/2017)

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This article will divide in three parts:

1.Picks and Bans

2.Team fight formation

3.Reason that SSG could stall out the game

Picks and Bans:

  • Just look at the first 3 picks from both SSG and LZ, we know LZ was drafting a mid game pick-comp; and SSG was drafting a mid/late game teamfight-comp.
  • Since SSG decided to go for a mid-late teamfight-comp, they banned Elise and prioritized Gragas, so there will be less gank threat. Also they banned out Jayce and Renekton, which are both strong laner.
  • Taric, Taliyah, Sejuani and Kalista make a good quartet as a pick comp, no doubt. But Taric and Jax means a lot specially in this game considering the SSG’s team-comp, which I will show you in part two.

Teamfight formation:

Here, I will introduce two formations. I name it as following:

1.Group formation: It means team is fighting as one unit.

2. Dispersion formation: It means team engages from more than one directions.

  • SSG is definitely perfect with group formation, because Gnar and Orianna need time to set up their ultimate. Staying as one unit means Orianna and Gnar will have enough peel for a good ultimate.
  • If LZ is also quite grouped, SSG will have a massive advantage on teamfighting, because of Orianna’s ultimate and Gnar’s ultimate. In additon, Taliyah and Jax can’t do much to the front line.

Here is a fight at 34:40 where SSG was 8k-10k gold behind, but still able to win. You can refer the fight here

SSG able to win the fight and took the baron.

  • However, SSG is so weak to deal with “Dispersion formation”(it shows in the next image), because they can’t brust down the backline threat quickly with their team-comp.
  • In part 1, I said Jax and Taric means something as a duo, specifically with SSG’s team-comp. Here shows why:

Here, there is a fight from 36:43, which LZ engaged from 3 directions. Refer this fight here.

The image above is what I called the “Dispersion formation”. Jax teleported behind SSG. Notice how the ultimate are used by SSG.

Both Orianna and Varius used their ult on Jax, but they almost did no damage. This is due to 3 reasons:

  1. No brust damage from SSG
  2. Jax’s ultimate
  3. Taric’s ultimate

Where reason 1 was fundamental, and LZ saw it in the draft. Then they picked Jax and Taric to utilize it.

LZ won this fight easily.

Here is the final fight at 43:02

Again, LZ engaged from 2 directions. So, SSG had no time to set up for Orianna and Gnar. Also, they can’t lane a good ultimate as well. They lost the game after this fight.


  • What would happen if SSG tried to engage from 2 or more directions? My logical guess is that Kalista and Taliyah will able to kite and burst the backline threats.
  • Also, notice the position from Taric in these two fights. LZ, at least for Gorilla, must had known the weakness from SSG that I said above.

3.Reason that SSG could stall out the game

  • As I said, preventing the Dispersion engage from LZ is the key for SSG.

Let’s take a look on what SSG had done after LZ got baron, specifically on what they did when LZ was approaching their tier 1,2 turrents:

No one is defending these turrets, the reason is always the same:

  • If SSG tried to defend, the worst situation is that they get surrounded due to Taliyah’s ultimate and Jax’s tp.
  • The best they could do was slow down the game by sending members to push out the other lane.
  • The area behind the inhibitor turrets is their safe zone because Jax can’t tp behind. LZ can’t engage from more than 1 direction. Take a look below.

SSG was able to stall out the game for quite a while using their team advantage. Unfortunately, at the elder dragon fight, they didn’t clear the vision behind them. It lost their game.