Now That 007 Is A Woman, Who’s Going To Style Her?

Lashana Lynch

The news of Lashana Lynch making her debut as 007 in ‘Bond 25’, the latest James Bond movie has caused a major uproar on social media. Not many people would have ever thought that we would live to see a black James bond or a black female one at that.
This revelation has headlined a lot of articles, tweets, WhatsApp stories and
has even birthed memes [you know a story is good when all the memes come out play our reactions] lol.

My personal favorite has to be my ‘brother-in-the-lord’ who tweeted;

‘Movie directors better come and cast me as Wonder Woman, since were all moving mad’

or something like that, and he’s not even an actor! I mean, I get it, we’re surprised, we never expected it. Some people were even vying for Idris Alba, and by some people, I mean myself! but Hollywood isn’t picking our brains for ideas, and that’s ok.

Some others felt just as elated as they were when it was announced that Ariel of the little mermaid would be played by a black woman Halle Bailey.

But before we turn this into another gender / race war, there’s one thing I’m looking out for; the Fashion of the new 007!

James Bond has always been a fashion trend setter, evolving over the 50 years of Bond and setting menswear trends with
every other movie scene.

An article originally published on Regis UK stated,
“ there's no denying that a suited and booted bond is a timeless look with each man bringing their own particular take on the character “

So I wonder what Lashana’s take would be. Of course I went to her Instagram feed to try and figure out what sort of style she may bring to our eager screens.
I found some snippets from Bond 25 where she was twirling in a summer appropriate two piece and thought, ‘this seems exciting’. Nevertheless, I still wanna know what her signature style would be.

Would she be suited and booted like the other 007 characters or would she be flight suited like she was in Captain Marvel? I hope not.

Lashana Lynch in Captain Marvel

Would she take the baton she’s been given and continue to make bold pro black, pro women and pro change statements like her
press night outfit by Pyer Moss that read

‘stop calling 911 on the culture’

Lashana at the Royal Court Theatre press night, November 2018

or would she play it versatile and bring on red carpet’s favorite Ade Samuel to lead the village it takes to plot her looks for the movie. I mean she’s patronized the talented stylist many times and can decide to just go with the flow.

Lashana Lynch for the Captain Marvel London Premiere, styled by Ade Samuel

Would Lashana go by the age long tradition of the Bonds’ to bring on new fashion leads? If she’s gonna stick to tuxedos and blazers I hope she
still keeps it exciting for us fashion enthusiasts, because come April 2020, I'm going to the cinemas for one reason alone; to see who’s gonna style the first female 007, Lashana Lynch and I hope to see fashion!

•Social Media Strategist• I write fashion, lifestyle and opinion pieces.

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