I have always thought, that to fully experience a city you have to do what the average resident of that city would do. And so, if you really want to experience Lagos, go to the most ordinary locations; Yaba, Obalende, Computer Village, ShopRite… but eat at The Place Restaurant (I won’t assure you of the roadside shacks) and most importantly commute by Danfo -the yellow buses.

Photo by Joshua Oluwagbemiga on Unsplash

A quick throwback to the first major expedition I embarked on while in this buzzing city. I accompanied my aunty to the infamous Lagos Market. She was a wedding planner at the time, and…

Now That 007 Is A Woman, Who’s Going To Style Her?

Lashana Lynch

The news of Lashana Lynch making her debut as 007 in ‘Bond 25’, the latest James Bond movie has caused a major uproar on social media. Not many people would have ever thought that we would live to see a black James bond or a black female one at that.
This revelation has headlined a lot of articles, tweets, WhatsApp stories and
has even birthed memes [you know a story is good when all the memes come out play our reactions] lol.

My personal favorite has to be my ‘brother-in-the-lord’ who tweeted;

‘Movie directors better come and cast me as…

Ideas always come up in my head about what to write. I’d say it is because I am often inspired by the simplest of things; a book, a movie, a thought, or a commonplace scenario off the streets of Lagos. I once saw a man leaning on a tree beside his blue Fan Ice icecream cart, I had recognised him from church. On that day, he seemed deep in thought as he counted his money, not enough I assumed. I also imagined he was a family man, worried that the money he had made that day, just like every other…

Ihunanya Nwokoma

•Social Media Strategist• I write fashion, lifestyle and opinion pieces.

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