A dying star
Oge was just plunged into another devastating breakup by Maxwell her heartthrob and lover. Was the pain and betrayals that come with relationships never going to cease? This was her sixth relationship in her 22 years on this earth and every single one of them had left her with terrible scars and emptied her on all sides. At this point it would be very necessary to state that Oge is not just a pretty lady, but a talented one too. However these failed relationships had broken her pride and diminished every value she held dear. For with every single one of them, she had nursed her wounds and picked the courage to try again; but it now appeared like they existed a deliberate ploy with the devil and every one of her boyfriends to make her pain and misery worse than the former. From Jide’s lack of commitment to Brumehs physical abuse. Or was it the episodes of unending abortions with Alex. Or the Emotional abuse Mike and George brought with them, believe me Oge had seen it all and bore it all.
So here she was at the verge of crashing again from cloud nine, Maxwell had not only broken her heart, he made sure she was the object of public ridicule and as a matter of fact, it now appears like her family and friends were tired of nursing her through what appeared to be unending sessions self acclaimed misery. As a strong lady, Oge is willing to take charge of her life and heal once and for all, but where was she to find the right platform for that?

Broken young ladies like Oge are in every single corner of the street as there is no discrimination as to age or status to be a victim of bad relationships. Because these women have been broken by abusive husbands and lovers, so many of them have been unable to achieve their dreams, see themselves for what they worth, or turn these ugly experiences into wonderful opportunities. What of if a platform is designed to enable emotionally and physically abused ladies heal, as evidenced by their ability to achieve their dreams and guide young women in similar situations to do same?

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