So many people upon hearing my name Ekene would always raise and eyebrow and ask, "do girls bear that name?" Usually my answer would be "Ekenedilichukwu means thanks be to God. Should parents be thankful only for the birth of a boy?"
Some of them including the Igbo’s would directly start an argument with me because I am probably the first lady that they have seen bearing the name and they have come to believe Ekene is a name created for only the guys to answer.

Do not mind the civility with which I have portrayed the usual argument that comes with my name, because sometimes its brutal oo and gets me asking "is it not my name again?" But over the years I have come to enjoy the attention my name gives me and the sense of uniqueness I feel mentioning it or probably because it reminds me to be happy.

Thanksgiving or appreciation is one important aspect of every humans existence to an extent that even a kid of one would run to his mother to be appreciated and jeered for performing the smallest tasks like putting on a sock, but as maturity gradually sets in, the average human would begin to classify appreciation as a task for weaklings. Little wonder we see our happiest days as our childhood days without realising those day were indeed our most thankful days. Thus I would love to briefly take us back.

Can you remember how as a child you were thankful for even the tasteless biscuits and swag less sweets? That is probably too much. Can you remember how you were simply overjoyed because your mother or father had come back from work that you would run hoping to be the first to hug him/her, can you remember how you were overjoyed and thankful that you never stopped bragging about your Christmas cloth even if it was the same design every year? And can you remember how you would say thank you to every one for the little things they did for you? Now can you remember how things started to change as you grew up, how the biscuits and sweets were not good enough, how the horn of your parents car killed your joy, how it become obvious your parents lacked fashion skills and how you'll want to do your things your way to avoid? Saying thank you so often, how you'll grudgingly walk away when any of the above happened because we finally grew up and gradually grew unhappy?

#Appreciation or to appreciate simply means to increase in value (to aporeciate is to see as valuable). When you appreciate something you increase the value of such a thing both in your head and that of your hearers. When you are honestly thankful for a simple act done, you not only cloud that act with sophistication, you begin to feel important and happy to have been given the privilege of receiving such an act. Do not also forget that appreciation is a way to attract favours from people because as we all know when you thank God or even man for something done, you motivate him to do more because through appreciation, you make him see his acts as valuable to you.

Living a life of happiness can be achieved even when you seem to lack a lot because through appreciation we learn to see the value in the little we have. Hence i think the time has come for you to begin to show honest appreciation for the things you have; it really doesn't hurt be thankful for your family, your friends, for your job, for your life, for your talents the list could go on and on, for through appreciation you would come to see how wealthy you are indeed and be happy for real.