Stay with me, as I paint a perfect picture of a feeling of sweet, sweet fulfilment.
Imagine a man above 30, slim and sparsely muscular, now condemned to die. Thus, after what seems to be a painful stretch of time, the man is covered with sores and is wounded from head to toe, with a crown that eats deep into the thin flesh that covers his skull, causing him to be covered with his own sweat and blood that stings his wounds and chokes his breath. 
Now, that same man is painfully hanging on a tree, one he carried himself from a long distance. Wait! Did I say hanging? not hanging, but hammered to a tree with large nails that bore into his flesh and muscles and left him shouting in pain with a throat already parched with thirst. Are you still with me?
After what seems to be 3 painful hours, as this man savors the reality of a task he has always anticipated, he gathers a strength so powerful from his painful exhaustion and says in what can be classified as a feeling of sweet sweet fulfilment
"it is accomplished"

Terribly unbelievable right? 
Who would imagine a feeling of relief or fulfilment coming from so much pain. But that man was Jesus and yes, he felt really fulfilled. As a matter of fact, fulfilment I would say was just one feeling, because I believe he felt glorious, he felt love and he felt a deep sense of inner peace for he had just completed the will of his father.

Have you ever felt this way before? Have you ever felt a feeling of inner peace and relief not connected to your fat account balance or a word of approval from your boss or lover? Do you have an experience of a deep sense of relief born out of the fulfilment of purpose?
If your answer is no, then wait and hear me out.

Living a life of purpose is not a facade that exist for God's, its a task that exists for gods. Yes you! you are a god. You are a mortal bestowed with the gifts, talents, strength and enthusiasm of a god to achieve a task, a duty that is to bring glory to nobody but the almighty God. 
From the moment of your birth, every experience, every moment of layghter and tears all forms part of a puzzle that prepares you for a greater task of fulfilling purpose.
Sadly, the life of glitz and glamour is now a lot of distraction and the search for vane glory has replaced the desire of man to be something more than a fine physical appearance.

Its time you got your flare back. Because your Iight has to shine, you have to be a solution to a problem, your life has to cause someone to feel grateful to be alive in your time. And until you do that, do not let the feeling of hopeless and depression cut your life short. This is because, no matter what has happened or will happen in the future, you have to be accountable for all the resources put in your arsenal ; you have to ensure that they have been put to good use for Gods glory. As every man, both you and I would be judged and consequently rewarded for what we have done. That judge would be God, who would ask if you were able to fulfil purpose; now i know the tides of life may be rocking you back and forth. But no matter what, give yourself an opportunity to say "yes