The Congress
Elizabeth did not appear so tall anymore as she stood colourless in front of the angry crowd of both course mates and Junior colleagues who threw words of accusations at her. She had made a mistake this one time, and her rivals were ready to give her a run for her money. She was not the first speaker of the lawsan Parliament to embezzle funds, but she was the first who was not good at covering up her tracks. Elizabeth and few other parliamentarians had shared without authorization among themselves the sum of 800 thousand Naira, which was the amount they had gotten from a courtesy visit to a very a popular politician and as she stood with trepidation in front of the accusing mob, it was clear at that point that no form of budget padding could save her and other principal partners of the Parliament from immediate suspension. Who knows, maybe an impeachment too.
Four hours later, the congress hall was still in rancor as the congress men continued to throw insults at each other as every attempt by the lawsan president to calm Elizabeth’s devourers was all to no avail. All you would hear was the phrase "point of order" from one end of the hall to another, the red eyed congress men had really caught the haughty Elizabeth were had always wanted her. It was clear that words had failed Elizabeth’s supporters, because as Elizabeth left with weak knees the podium in which she and all her integrity had just been sacrificed, even the blind could tell that she was going to go down for this singular corrupt act.
Cases of corrupt conduct by leaders of various capacities have arisen times without number among student leaders in a the university campus, and it is becoming a menace threatening the credibility of not only the student body but also the future state leaders. 
What of if a leadership seminar is organized forming part of the universities curriculum for the sole purpose of educating young leaders on the qualities of good leadership as evidenced by the creation of subsequent leaders with credibility both in the university campus and the state at large.

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