“society’s a liar”-YOU ARE MORE THAN THEY TELL YOU

I have a friend who held this rather strange believe that got me really wandering for a long while, and the believe was that ;"society is a liar".
At that time,I did not know if I should agree with her or not, but after I had considered a lot of events that has and would continue to go down in history, I have come to the realization that,this is one of the greatest truth any individual should know. Society is indeed a liar.

One typical example is the fact that the society that once associated the black skin colour to that of an ape. finally realised there is beauty in being melanin and tanning became a thing of glamour. Or should I talk about the African hair? We all know about the natural hair craze going on in recent times so no need to dig deep into that.

The truth is, society has always been stereotyped and would remain so. Society can beat its chest and say a thing is black until that thing starts to show some shades of gold. So the billion dollar question is; WHY LISTEN TO SUCH A CONFUSED LIAR?

You see, even Jesus was there once. When he was crowned with thongs and the Pharisees made a joke of his royalty, he did not flinch a bit, he only pitied their ignorance because he knew he was worth more.His kingdom was certainly not of this world and only a great sign would have shown the narrow minded Pharisees what he truly was all about.

  • Now, lets fast forward to the present times. There is a great similarity between the Pharisees of the time of Jesus and the society of today. For Just like Jesus, we all find ourselves as victims of the societies lies at one point in our lives. Society always sees a light as too bright until it overcomes a painful darkness. Or a black spot as being too dark until a small ray of light takes it away. Society would never see you as good enough until you prove them wrong. So why trouble yourself about what the society thinks of you? It is time you realised that you are much more than you have been construed to be. There is a light in you that you have to discover all by yourself and until you do so, society would not recognise you to be anymore than they see you. Thus, instead of drowning in a self pity and depression caused by the greatest liars that would ever exist, discover and build yourself. There is a light in you my dear, do not quench it forever. Rather, its time your light so shines before men; your father in heaven is patiently waiting. The time is now...

Cherié Heart

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