10 Of The World’s Most Brilliant Architects And Their Works

The concept about building and construction began millions of years ago. Since then, different styles and designs have emerged.

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Seems that architects are showcasing their unique taste for design through their works. From simple houses to towering skyscrapers, many architects have already proven they are the best the world has gotten. So, let’s meet some of the world’s most brilliant architects below.

1. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

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A German-American architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is hailed as one of the pioneers of modernist architecture. He introduced a fresh, contemporary architectural style that is clear and simple. His buildings used modern materials like plate glass and industrial steel, which helped him define interior spaces. His most notable works include the Barcelona Pavilion, Farnsworth House, New National Gallery, Westmount Square, and Toronto-Dominion Centre.

2. Michael Graves

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Michael Graves was an American architect known for his modern and postmodern designs. He was an architecture professor at Princeton University for about forty years. Some of his famous projects include the Portland Building, Denver Public Library, a few buildings for The Walt Disney, Dolphin Resorts, and Humana Building.

3. Eero Saarinen

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Born in Finland, Eero Saarinen honed his craft by working at the architecture office of his father. He was known for his neo-futuristic design style. His notable projects include the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, TWA Flight Center, and the Washington Dulles International Airport.

4. Cesar Pelli

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Cesar Pelli is the brain behind some of the world’s tallest buildings and popular urban landmarks. Because of his unique architectural designs, he was granted the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal. Some of his most outstanding projects are the Petronas Towers, World Financial Center, Wells Fargo Center, and Crile Clinic Building.

5. Zaha Hadid

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Dubbed as the Queen of the Curve, Zaha Hadid is one of the most popular female architects of the world. She is credited for her vision that helped transform modern architecture. This Iraqi-British architect has received accolades and recognitions from academic, professional, and civic institutions across the globe. Her notable projects include the Guangzhou Opera House, London Olympics Aquatic Centre, Scorpion Tower of Miami, and Galaxy SOHO in Beijing, China.

6. Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the world’s most celebrated architects. His interest was focused on creating low-lying house designs. This Wisconsin native created the Prairie House. He also conceptualized the Falling Water residence, which was named one of the coolest and best pieces of architecture the world can be proud of. It is simply a property that features a stack of rectangular balconies that seem to float over a natural waterfall, which is a part of the house itself.

7. Antoni Gaudi

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Antoni Gaudi is one of the world’s architects that is being thanked for introducing Catalan Modernism. His most famous projects are found in Barcelona and until now, people from all over the world flock to the city to see his designs. His most notable pieces of work include the Casa Battlo, Casa Mila, Park Guell, and the Sagrada Familia. Because of the way his religion influenced his works, he is called God’s Architect.

8. Rem Koolhaas

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A Pritzker awardee, Rem Koolhaas is one of the top architects of the 21st century. His most innovative projects include Moscow’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the De Rotterdam Complex, and the CCTV Center in Beijing, China.

9. Renzo Piano

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An Italian architect, Renzo Piano is the mastermind behind the Shard, London’s most popular architectural wonders. Although Piano does not have a signature design or style, what’s interesting about him is that he is able to create magnificent projects. Other buildings he is credited for are the Whitney Museum of American Art, The New York Times Building, Parco della Musica, and Kansai International Airport.

10. Norman Foster

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One of Britain’s top architects, Sir Norman Foster has received over 470 awards and recognitions for his works. His most popular works are the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, and the Beijing Airport.

Wrapping Up

Above, we have listed some of the world’s best architects. From the likes of Cesar Pelli to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, these geniuses have greatly influenced the way buildings today are constructed.

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