“ iPakistani “

‘ I was born in qatar. When i was four years old , i came Pakistan with my family. Now i’m in 12th grade. What is Pakistan? How this country came in existence? The past of this country is not so good , infact not its last present day. Our leader ‘ Quaid ‘ gave us this country with his full zeal and hard work. He was a great man. A single word can’t describe him. ‘ Pakistani ‘ a strong man , who always love his country even in troubles. We believe in Allah. ‘ Iqbal ‘ who was a great poet, awaked us through his poetry. Today i’m writing this only because Pakistani’s are a very strong nation who believes in their religion. Pakistani is giving his best to maintain peace everywhere. Its my duty to tell the whole world that Pakistani’s are not weak. They can beat anyone in every field of life. I am not degrading anyone, infact i’m telling whole world about Pakistan. I feel proud that today Allah gave me a chance to write about my country in this app ‘ Medium ‘. Its just a small note, my country and my people are more than this. At the end, i just question to my people who are on this app #iPakistani are you?


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