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Information asymmetry was the most significant hidden problem before the internet. We couldn’t contrast and compare prices. People had to go to brokers who would quote them on a price which the consumer had to assume was correct.

Travel brokers, real estate agents, and car salespeople were perfect examples of how people took advantage of information asymmetry. Consumers had to bring prior knowledge to the table to be able to negotiate on price.

With over a third of people opting to create meaningful relationships online, it’s only fitting that instant gratification-driven dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have flourished. That got me thinking — how hard is it to build a geo-aware mobile dating app from scratch? Turns out, with microservices and serverless design patterns, backed by a realtime network, it’s not so hard.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover two very important parts of building a mobile, geo-aware dating application — geolocation and swiping.

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Shoutout to Dan for making this!

Microservices Architecture for a Dating App

Let’s cover the flow of our application and cover a quick overview of…

This tutorial is for you if you are a software developer, engineer or are just interested in programming. This walk-through is open source and free; MIT style. You can check out the full React Chat GitHub repository.

React is a JavaScript library that empowers you to make sophisticated front-end applications that can handle business logic in a fast and efficient manner. We’ll use React to build out our web application frontend for our robust chat app. …

Everyone is using Slack. From sharing code to sending cat memes to your coworker at 2 am, Slack has become the go-to chat and collaboration platform for businesses. Unfortunately, messaging isn’t at the top of the productivity food chain.

What’s really rocking the minds of number-crunchers and thought leaders is the ubiquitous need for chatbots. Namely, Slackbots. The reasoning behind this is that a bot allows for 24-hour access to either task handling or information lookup without the need of another person. Think of it this way, without Slackbots, we’d be forced to schedule our own meetings. Oh, the humanity!

So You Want to Build a Slackbot?

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We’ve progressed as developers from creating applications with complex functionality to focusing on creating experiences that retain our users. Amazing UI’s and clear-cut user flows are becoming the goal for many emerging/existing applications.

While some industries are still trying to migrate towards a mobile-centric model there are different takes on the next methods to improve the UI and UX. Voice, AR and VR, just to name a few, have become contenders to break the simple model of interacting with a screen and have started to trend more towards augmenting real human interactions. …

Pubnub coupled with IBM Watson can enable developers and business owners to streamline their frontlines by creating smart assistants which answers the simple questions for you.

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Chatbots, whether they be customer service agents or shopping assistants in an online store, have become commonplace amongst the way we interact with businesses. Intelligent bots and assistants serve to be the frontline for many businesses and now is a better time than any to build a smart approach to solving problems.

You might be wondering if it’s possible to create an intelligent assistant of your own. The short answer is yes, and that’s exactly what we’ll walk through today, using ChatEngine and IBM Watson Assistant. Our bot will answer basic questions for people looking to learn more information about…

It took me less than a day to create a very rudimentary platform that’s real-time and also allows me to view real time analytics for cryptocurrency prices in a digestible format.

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It seems like everywhere you turn there’s some big corporation trying to take your data with complex environments that take lots of time to set up but aren’t as extensible as advertised 😫.

For petes sake 😤 I just want to build something quick and add features as I need them .

I recently discovered PubNub and decided it warranted an obscenely overcomplicated article to solidify my own understanding, however it also has the added benefit of being easy to use. So maybe this won’t be too complicated.

Lets Get Lit And Lets Code 😌🔥

First of make sure you have the latest version of all these…

Is it just a shill? or is it a viable investment?

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Bitcoin candle graph sourced from cryptowat.ch

You don’t need to be a trader to know that in the past couple of months Bitcoin has been shooting to the moon. Due to the bullish crypto market, every business is being affected, from online companies to Lamborghini dealerships. It’s being covered by every and any media company, including Cosmopolitan, an online magazine aimed towards fashion and sex advice thought it was necessary to publish an article. So why is it that a virtually non-tangible currency is being valued at such a high price and gaining so much traction? …

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