The Next Big Thing for nxtbgthng

…and why the future might be evenly distributed after all.

When we founded the company as 3 iOS Developers in 2010, we’ve already come a long way — we were a bunch of freelancers looking for a way to create an organizational structure around our daily work. We wanted to work on The Cool Stuff™, and we got lucky to open up our offices right in the epicenter of the Berlin Startup scene — the SoundCloud office.

Since then we created a lot of apps, from very big to very small, and our freelancing business grew into a respectable digital agency, specialized in high quality iOS Development.

2014 was a good year: As the importance of on-demand video starts to grow into numbers that rival those of the traditional TV distribution, we got the opportunity to rebuild the Mediathek for ARTE. For their most popular magazines we created “Culture touch”, a weekly digital medium that provides a new way to display regular TV shows on the iPad. We helped Redbull create their app. We relaunched the Berlin Philharmonics’ Digital Concert Hall for iOS which enables a global audience to enjoy high-fidelity live concerts and the worlds biggest archive of orchestra videos. Apple was kind enough to feature it among their “Best of 2014” section. 2014 has also been an exciting year for the future of the iOS platform: With Swift we jumped head first into a new technology and used it for a complete rewrite of the existing Carhartt Radio app as well as the upcoming 3DAround app that lets you to scan your food in 3D.

But the passing year also saw some other changes: While 3 people from our team left Berlin for California and joined Facebook, we found great developers to fill their footsteps. With Caro, Thomas and Andreas joining us, our iOS team is as strong as ever.

In 2015 we will strengthen and expand the agency: We already provide way more than “just” iOS development with the help of great partners for Design and UX, Backend and Android development. As the demand rises for full service agencies that think mobile first, we will expand into these areas and continue to provide a one-stop offer for all our clients needs. This commitment will be reflected in giving the agency a new name: evenly.

“The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed.” — William Gibson

But another aspect of the company is about making its own products. Admittedly that fell a bit short in the past years, as, frankly, the agency business just worked much too well: Making your own apps can be hard to do “by the side”. So while expanding the agency into evenly, we decided at the same time to crate a highly specialized, product focused company. This product company will continue to use the nxtbgthng brand.

In general, nxtbgthng will create a framework and infrastructure to put iPads, iPod touches and Apple TVs onto walls and create apps for them. iOS devices can no longer only be used as highly personal gadgets, but are great devices for public contexts like retail spaces, home automation, as communication systems or in offices. We will do App Store apps, create customized versions, make specific enterprise applications and we will also make the foundations of our work modular and available for licensing. There will be more specific announcements once 2015 gets going, but if you already think this will be interesting for you, get in touch. And stay tuned for more: 2015 will be exciting.

We want to thank all our clients and partners for some great times and the opportunity to create awesome apps. We wish you all a great christmas and look forward to continuing the journey with you in the new year!

– Gernot, Toto, Andreas, Thomas & Caro.