About smaragda and his lies

Aug 17, 2017 · 3 min read
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You might have seen posts from smaragda or one of his sock-puppet accounts, claiming that I am a scammer.

Let me explain.

About 3 years ago I banned him from Simcoin slack where he freaked out when people pointed out that his logo looks like swastika.

That gave him such a massive butthurt that ever since he tries to get his revenge any way he can.

He sits on the forums all day, refreshing my profile pages every 30 seconds waiting for me to post. Then he posts his lies right after my message.

His accounts regularly get banned, but since he has no life and plenty of time, he creates new ones, for example:

Original account (now deleted): https://www.reddit.com/user/CryptoScalper

Notice how all these accounts have no other posts or comments and just spam the same message over and over again.

And he does this for 3 years already — how pathetic is that?

You have to be a real low-life delusional imbecile to spend your life like this…

Here’s the proof of his real motive:

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This is called ‘projection’ — projecting your own thoughts at other people.

“Both those WANNABE LOGO DESIGNERS are still butthurt about their logos looking like shit…”

This is telling, isn’t it?

“The butthurt is SO FUCKIN’ STRONG…”

Indeed, it is.

After he terrorized me for a while, I locked his account on Simcoin exchange.

Imagine somebody was kicked out of a library after behaving like a rude loud drunk. He knows that a bank sponsors the library, so he then goes into the bank and shits on the floor every single day in revenge.

The bank has no security or doesn’t want the police to get involved. The imbecile has his account with the bank, so naturally they lock it, trying to stop him from shitting.

Instead of stopping, the moron doubles down and uses this opportunity to accuse the bank of being a “scammer”.

He doesn’t even contact the bank to ask why his account was locked — oh, he knows why. And he is not interested in unlocking it because it’s a perfect excuse to accuse the bank of “stealing”.

Imagine: your bank account gets locked, but instead of contacting the bank you go to the nearest mall and spend your days there with a giant banner with profanities about the bank in big red letters, demanding the account to be unlocked: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=929688

Does this strike you as a normal, sane behavior?

He posts insults in that bitcointalk.org topic, thinking I am obsessively reading it every day (because that’s what he would do), while in reality most of the time I don’t even remember he exists :)

About me.

As NxtChg I’ve been here for 3 years, in Bitcoin in general I was since the time Satoshi was still around.

I ran nxtchg.com, then closed it and returned every single penny. Now I run https://simxchg.com:555/ and withdrawals are processed regularly, nobody complains.

If I were really a scammer, you’d see way more posts than a single loud-mouth, reposting the same message with links that don’t prove anything.

I raised 143 BTC in Simcoin ICO (partially because of good reputation with nxtchg.com and my work on NXT address format).

Simcoin is still in development, but the retard tries to portray this as “stealing” the ICO money.

Of course he has no discernible skills, so he can’t understand that software development is hard and can miss deadlines. Or he just wants to use this to call me a thief.

Some of my projects are open-source: https://github.com/nxtchg/ and non-profit, like The Simplest Bitcoin Wallet: https://github.com/NxtChg/tsbw or Vue components.

But this idiot still tries to prevent people from using them, just to get back at me. Not sure how this would work since the projects are not commercial :)

He only hurts you, the people. That’s the kind of toxic person he is.

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