Inter-Connection of Colocation Services and Data Centers

In today’s competitive world, India is finally realizing the importance and future scope of colocation services and data centers in India.

Mumbai, being a metropolitan city is one of the many reasons many MNC’s (multinational companies) are focusing more on this city and nation as a whole.

Most important and crucial factor for using a colocation service is “finances”. Colocation facilities function as a type of data center which offers the service on contract basis. The services provided include:

Equipment space

Network service provider

There are various factors which are taken into consideration while rates are selected for the service being offered. Some of them include:

Variable rate data: On the basis of per megabyte or per gigabyte.

Fixed rate data: A fee is assessed for a fixed bandwidth. A business can select how much bandwidth to be purchased and based on that only payment is being done.

Burstable billing: If a business exceeds its purchased bandwidth for more than 5% of billing cycle, then it will be responsible for paying an additional fee for the excess bandwidth.

Future scope of colocation service providers in Mumbai:

Increase in popularity and usage because of cloud.

Consolidation of smaller firms as the industry is highly fragmented

Data centers in Chennai are observing a rise in the usage and popularity due to:

Usage of modular data centers
Merging of retail and wholesale colocation services
Acceleration in adaptation renewable energy
DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) adoption
Rise in data center density
Implementation of hybrid IT

Chennai like many others have started using green data center which provides efficient energy for servers. Even the state government’s intention is to utilize the electronic data processing facilities.

Next generation data centers which provide extra security; physical environment and networking capability are now being used in data center services in Chennai.

A data center may have an edge if it provides the following services:

High memory or CPU requirements

Full root access

Uptime commitment

Redundant network infrastructure

Meshed redundant national network

Few possible areas that might become a reality in few years are:

Super-fast non-volatile memory express (NVMe)

Hyper convergence of servers

Software defined infrastructure will become vogue by 2020

Future scope of data center is interlinked with increasing demands of web and mobile access to applications and data residing in the data centre.