Why Did The Democrats Lose The States?

And The Working Class

Simple: The ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ Meme

Samantha Bee is pulling something off at TBS no one ever imagined possible: in your face societal angst comic relief. But the clip above personifies how the GOP — and the rest of America — are bathing in a ‘pile of elephant shit’.

Here she is at her finest:

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS | October 10, 2016

There’s nothing off base in Samantha Bee’s fury over the GOP letting a delusional misogynist grab hold of a major American political party in an entrenched two party system. She’s on point; her writers are doing a better job of getting at the crux of rape culture than all of mainstream news an entertainment media combined.

However, she’s preaching to the crowd — I’m in her constituency, as are millions. But, she’s not a political party spokesperson, or platform. And yet, as Thomas Frank pointed out , ‘Oh Go Fuck Yourself’ has been the mantra of the Democratic Party, liberals, many feminists, and our professional class — for decades. They may not say it in public, but they certainly think it behind closed doors (especially at fundraisers.)

This, in fact, is exactly how we ended up in this mess:

“I’m a father of a 21 year old daughter, and I have a wonderful wife and three wonderful sisters, and I, like everybody else, am appalled by the statements.”

Ed Rollins — On Fox News Channel

Ed Rollins is a scumbag for stoking racism, misogyny, and hate to gain political power for Republicans since forever — but when you say ‘go fuck yourself’ to him, you’re saying that to his constituency. Instead of this personalized mantra conservatives use in public becoming a starting point to broaden the conversation — ‘go fuck yourself’ shuts it down. No substantive dialogue ever began with ‘go fuck yourself’.

About that constituency?

You know, the 42% of Americans that identify as Republicans with some substantial portion of the 41% of Americans that identify as independents but mostly vote Republican. Millions of Democrats, feminist activists, and our professional class have been telling these folks — especially when it comes to social issues — to go fuck themselves since the 1960s. Without the 40–45% coming along, progressivism is always easily undermined.

What is the political result of ‘Go Fuck Yourself’?

In 2016, 31 state legislatures are controlled by Republicans, 11 by Democrats (8 are split).

In 2016, 31 governorships (state executive branches) are controlled by Republicans, 18 by Democrats.

In 2016, 23 states are controlled outright by the Republican Party, 7 by Democrats (20 are split.)

That’s what ‘go fuck yourself’ got us: Republicans in command of states, and the US Congress. Go fuck yourself also gave rise to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Bigoted Billionaire Republicans and Chai Latte Democrats are to blame for the pile of elephant shit we call American democracy — and we put them there, while telling each other to ‘go fuck yourself’.

‘Go fuck yourself’ won’t end income inequality, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, racism, or xenophobia. ‘Go fuck yourself’ gave us the alt right movement, the worst incarceration rate on the planet, Tamir Rice’s murder.

We’ve never had a serious inclusive discussion over the impact that distinguishing and embracing diverse sexual orientation and sexual behavior (finally freed from the closet) has on our heterosexual aggressive male centric culture: we’ve just told each other to ‘go fuck yourself’.

We’ve never had a serious inclusive discussion about blending collectivism, individualism, and statism, for a more perfect modern democracy (union): we’ve just told each other to ‘go fuck yourself’.

We’ve never had a serious inclusive discussion on how culture differences rest on a continuum, from stereotyping (built in to our DNA) to institutionalized racism directed at First Peoples, Africans, Hispanics, Asians, et al: we’ve just told each other to ‘go fuck yourself’.

We’ve never had a serious inclusive discussion about universal education, universal income, universal healthcare, universal human rights, and how that stifled conversation benefits that top 10%: we’ve just told each other to ‘go fuck yourself’.

Billionaire Bigoted Republicans manipulate the facts to win over the working class and much of the middle class. The Chai Latte Democrats— filled to the brim with our professional class — talk down to us and declare they are keepers of the grail, and we should tow the line.

That’s the elephant in the room standing in a ‘pile of elephant’ shit.