Beauty and Splendor of the Lake Victoria Region

Road Trip through Kisumu, Mbita, Rusinga Island, Homa Bay, Katito, Kendu Bay, Ahero circuit of Lake Victoria.

I covered 260KM as per the map and I never saw a single pothole that is common in many parts of Kenya. What a clean place, no polythene papers along the way, kudos to the people for the clean environment. Excellent road network and along these smooth well marked road were power lines running all through. Pictures don’t lie, these are all my own images.

The notorious Mbita causeway that blocked water for 4 decades is finally being opened where a bridge has come up, it means free movement of fish and our own people do not need to venture deep into Lake Victoria to fish and enough of harassment by Uganda.

Lake Victoria
The roads in Kisumu City

Then we have close to 6 permanent rivers that flow across these beautiful land not to mention the vast clean Lake Victoria with fresh water 2nd largest in the world. The water Hyacinth and Migingo story is a tired narrative by media in Kenya painting this region in bad light.

I saw nothing but opportunities galore, if you really want to see true marginalization where even nature has not been kind to you visit North Eastern and Ukambani. Even many parts of central like Maragua are water challenged and they face serious drought. Mbeere in Embu where I went to school drought and lack of water is the norm. The quality of road network even coast and central don’t have them. I have used the Muranga-Nyeri road, pathetic.

Lake Victoria
Roads outside Kisumu City

My dear brothers and sisters from the lake region, you are blessed truly blessed with nature and now great road network, electricity, fresh water eye. The literacy levels is way up so what is lacking. You have the best brains be it Economics, Finance, Engineering, Medical even in my line of tourism we have great hoteliers and tourism professionals. Icing on the cake is devolution, can you imagine the 10 counties in the region coming together can be a serious economic block.

Lake Victoria
The New Rusinga Island Bridge

With devolution that circuit I have given you is good to have its own vibrant economy and sky is not the limit. I have shared these images with many of my friends from this part of the country and most of them have not known that such beauty exists.

With an International Airport to boot and soon largest Inland container depot, I have nothing more to add.

God Bless and as always I choose to remain an optimist.

By Mohammed Hersi