Andela III 2015, Day Three

TIA! It’s Andela time again, that time of the day when you wake up, play games in the morning and then talk about talk about tech the whole day. But TBT, TIA is more than just about tech. Day 3 at Andela, the first session for today saw Nandaa lead of Andela lead the usual session on how the previous day’s food for thought. We talked about how to make sure our code works…

Drawing from the story of some of the most powerful tools like Jasmine JS, Git, demonstrated how different factors contribute to making sure that code works the way it’s intended to. Most of the fellow bootcampers went through the characteristics of good code, central of all being that the developer being able to write quality code and do good documentation and test, test, and test again.

Later on Nandaa took over and discussed about Jasmine.js throughout the day. Below are some of the take-aways from yesterday’s session.

  • Testing, testing, testing — Test Driven Development to package and build apps is a the bestr practice
  • ES6
  • TDD is the order of the day at Andela
  • Git and continuous integration testing should be used test their code
  • Jasmine — Jasmine is an open source testing framework for Javascript.
  • Jasmine works fast

To end day 3, there was no food for thought to work on today. Interesting!