Day 4 Recap: Andela III Nairobi, October 15

Yesterday, as Andela had class III Kenya bootcampers we had our fourth Meetup, “Topless Thursday as Godson put it”. The usual morning games created an electric atmosphere and the air was thick with love and we were ready for the day.

The spirit of the previous rigorous day was still kicking. It could have been that we were excited for not having to present food for thought. Or perhaps it was our anticipation to at least practice what we had learnt the last three days. Whatever the reason, we were all on psyched up.

Godson did recaps on JavaScript, introduced more challenging exercises and talked about the awesomeness of JS. He also touched upon the some tips and tricks about JS. (We experimented with a few of those. He also talked about the difference between console.log and return in JavaScript. Lesson learned.)

Late through the day some class I fellows came to the hall — later I learnt that they were sent by Godson, who had probably gotten busy with something. The fellows shared their tips and tricks to overcome the common challenges including networking with them, writing quality code, and testing.

The day ended with a food for thought which will be how to improve solution, speed or efficiency. Cant wait to see the presentations!