The Ultimate Guide to Being Single: An Introduction

I have decided to do a series on being single. Single life.

This is after being extremely frustrated with the picture being portrayed of single life (a life of suffering and misery akin to having your nails being pulled out.)

The worst part is once this flawed picture is released in the world, single people try to lead lives that closely mirror it.

It makes me really mad because my life is nowhere near that picture. And no single persons life has to be torturous as well.

So I decided to end this madness once and for all.

Apparently I should be drowning my single life sorrows in nightly tubs of ice cream and ask God to end my suffering as quickly as possible (all while wearing sack cloth and lying prostrate on the ground for dramatic effect.)

The best example of how I should live my single life is found here. This article was nothing short of spectacular and was widely shared and many single people commented on the post….”you so get me”.

One of the most ridiculous struggle was the fourth one. That single people actually feel pain because of loneliness. I don’t get this. Is this pain similar to the pain you feel when you get 3rd degree burns on 60 percent of your body?

Anyway, I don’t relate to most things I see online regarding single life.

The acute loneliness. The misery. The waiting for the wait to be over. The daily wailing to God to end your suffering and bring you a partner. The longing to have a partner to watch TV with.

This is my single life.

I’m an extrovert who is also an introvert so I rarely get lonely because I enjoy spending time with myself. I even need to get away from people. And I would rather spend time alone than spend it with people who rub me the wrong way or don’t teach me anything new. That goes for boys as well. They can annoy me in a nano second.

I am not miserable. I am even happy. Actually I love my life. For real.

I spend maybe 10 percent of my prayer time praying about my life partner. I have fully turned over this task to God. I think Him arranging a meeting with my future spouse will not be difficult plus he knows me, knows what I like and need in a partner and I fully trust him. So no I’m not making prayers like those Hannah made before she bore Samuel.

I watch some really silly TV shows like the Real Housewives of Atlanta or 90 Day Fiancé. I don’t think I would want my husband to watch them…don’t guys watch sports and action movies anyway?

Finally I am very, very busy building my writing career. This consumes most of my energy.

Maybe instead of languishing in self-pity and imagining the physical pain in your chest from lack of physical touch (YAWN) you need to start getting busy with a self-improvement project.

Drinking 2 litres of water daily, doing a sugar detox, writing a book, having a successful blog. Something. I don’t think you are lonely, you may be terribly bored.

Sometimes you need an occasional pity party but at other times you need tough love. You will get both from this series…but more tough love….LOL.

Anyway I have started a series on single life that will end in two weeks. I’ll post 2 or 3 articles a week till mid-December. I will talk about the truths and myths of single living and some more juicy “single life” related articles. Coz I will scream if I hear someone talk about their loneliness one more time.

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