Meet the Nyan Cat!
Jul 31 · 3 min read

Hi everyone!

Ether Kingdoms developers, now also known as game development studio Gamedelta, have an announcement to make.

We are glad to say that our second project, NyanCat: The Crypto Race, is ready to be launched! Next week the beta version of the game will be released, but meanwhile, we would like to invite you to a closed presale with special conditions that will last until the launch of beta-version.

Why is it closed? First of all, it will be announced only on our own media channels and to our players. Second, open presale will offer a discount of 50% discount, while the closed presale has a 75% discount, as a special gift to our players!

What is offered at this presale? You can buy the main characters of the new game — various Nyan Cats of different ranks: Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. There are five ranks in total, every player will get an automatically generated Common cat.

What is the difference between the ranks, and why is a Legendary cat better that a Rare one? Aside from every high rank cat being hand-drawn (and having its own unique soundtrack composed specifically for that cat), they influence the race in a different way. Main gameplay mechanics is portfolio races, where a percentage ratio of several leading cryptocurrencies is displayed. Each player will have to determine the portfolio ratio in such a way, that it is the one that grows the most during the race. Each race lasts for 60 seconds, and the price of each cryptocurrency is taken from Binance or CoinMarketCap API.

Initially each cat has a fixed portfolio. The greater the rank, the greater percentage of portfolio becomes available for custom distribution — it raises your chances of winning even higher! Cats can also level up while they take part in races, new levels unlock a greater percentage for custom distribution. For example, level 1 Rare cat allows to customize up to 40% of the portfolio and level 4 Rare cat brings this up to 70%. Of course, it will take some time to level up, but the result is worth your time.

You can find the detailed information about rank and level bonuses in the table below:

The cats are implemented via NFT-tokens. Creation of functional NFT-tokens was one of our goals while we were working on Ether Kingdoms. We managed to achieve good results: artifact secondary market turnover equals 150 ETH, many players managed to earn money on valuable artifact trading.

We took our experience into account while developing the economic model for NyanCat: The Crypto Race. First of all, we strictly limited token emission and aren’t planning increasing it in the future. 20,000 players enjoyed Ether Kingdoms, if we consider the same amount for the new game, then each cat will be resold at least 4–5 times!

Total artifact emission in Ether Kingdoms equaled 11,000. Nyan Cat emission will be only 6,220, which will provide rapidly growing prices. Besides, don’t forget about leaderboards — we plan to give away up to $2,000 in Waves tokens to our best players!

Don’t forget to join NyanCat TG chats as well:

Join the game via this link:

Don’t miss the closed presale and your chance to buy a cat at a 75% discount! Buckle up — we’re racing to the Moon faster than you can imagine!

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