Frustration in Charlotte Boils After Police Shooting — EBONY

There are zero fucks left to give.

Has America ever really considered how blessed, how fortunate, how supremely lifted up they are by the mere fact that Black people, the descendants of a chattel slave work force, have only ever asked for equality in the nation that couldn’t have existed without them?

How many cheeks can you turn before your soul turns bitter and you lose faith in an equitable outcome? What is left then except violence and retribution? Praise Allah that some white people are waking up. Praise Steve Jobs that iPhones are putting everyone on notice and confronting white Americans with a simple choice: ally with the coalition of the ascendant or get written off as a bitter, racist footnote. For this reason alone I’m hopeful that America can round the corner of this most recent bout of chronic racism.

Hillary Clinton is talking to white people. Problematic as she is, she continually expresses the courage to evolve in public. Now, it’s up to us to keep her honest (not to mention stay tuned in to our local elections, where policy can really be affected) but it’s not up to us to make sure white folks take their medicine. It’s not our job to take the blows of discrimination and also cradle the heads of our oppressors. Fuck that. What we can do is encourage our white allies to take a stand against their own complacency. It’s time for them to be uncomfortable.

Source: Frustration in Charlotte Boils After Police Shooting — EBONY

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