My name is Stephan. I am a block- and side chain enthusiast. It’s been a wild ride on the BTC, ETH,BTS blockchain this past month.

It is about to get really crazy with the halving coming up and also CCDEK has just launched their long awaited new website. This website is to be integrated with the Bitshares Blockchain so that we can better understand the other block -and side chains out there. Names like Bitland, SOLCERTS, DigixDao, Steem, OBITS, MUSE, LISK and many more are all part of the Decentralized Conglometrate on Openledger. The DAO wil take awhile to build back confidence. Bitcoin will be next on chopping block. Halving will play big role in the development of newer blockchains like Bitshares.

What I do is I source information on a decentralized network about trading, mining, exchanges, news and so on. When I find a diamond in the rough, I sculpt it and resell it.

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