NYC Bagel and Sandwich Shop Franchise Introduces Halloween Bagels

The NYC Bagel and Sandwich Shop Franchise Introduces “Halloween Bagels” for the month of October!

Everyone knows Halloween to be a time of pumpkins, costumes, candy and haunted houses. Halloween is one of the only holidays where people don’t gather around the dinner table for a big family meal. The NYC Bagel and Sandwich Shop Franchise wants to bring a “hole” new meaning to this holiday with BAGELS! The traditional colors of Halloween, black and orange, will now be introduced to the bagel world.

These delicious New York Bagels can now be enjoyed throughout the US. Not to mention the many flavors of home made cream cheese flavors prepared fresh at every location. The NYC Bagel and Sandwich Shop Franchise recently just added new flavors of Pumpkin to their menu. With the Pumpkin Bagels and Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese, you can now enjoy the spirit of Halloween for breakfast or lunch at any NYC Bagel Franchise location.

Why not surprise others?

Halloween can also be known as a time for spooks and surprises. The NYC Bagel and Sandwich Shop wants to continue this tradition with the option to purchase a baker’s dozen of their Halloween Bagels for you to bring to your office, school or bring home to your family and friends. With the option to call ahead and have the bagels coming out of the oven fresh and hot, everyone can now be surprised with these bagels that you won’t be able to find at your grocery store. Not to mention, they are true New York bagels. We all know that finding a true New York bagel can be hard. This is why the NYC Bagel and Sandwich Shop franchise makes it easy for you by offering New York bagels at every location in the US!

About the NYC Bagel and Sandwich Shop Franchise

The history of bagels dates back over 300 years. Why not make some history of your own — with America’s premier bagel … and a premier bagel franchising concept.

How about your hometown?

Why is NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop the Top Bagel Franchise? No other bagel can compare to our original New York bagel.

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