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The NYC BigApps Blockchain Demo Day fun didn’t end after the daytime pitches. On October 3rd, after the winners were announced, everyone reconvened at 6 pm to celebrate the winners with a collection of speeches from leading blockchain experts, investors, and city government technologists alike.

NYC BigApps Blockchain Finalists at Demo Day — October 3rd, 2019

On the afternoon of Thursday, October 3rd, New York City’s blockchain community was buzzing with excitement. After almost a year of preparation — meeting with blockchain experts, developing three Challenge Areas, and educating the public and government stakeholders about blockchain — the day had finally come. The NYC BigApps Blockchain Demo Day was about to start, with 120+ attendees, 10 showcasing semifinalists, and 10 finalist teams pitching potential solutions to panels of expert judges.

More than 60 teams submitted proposals on how the New York City government could use blockchain to improve public sector services within the Challenge Areas of…

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Blockchain is teeming with use cases for governments all across the world. We’ve seen successful pilots implemented in places from Delaware to Ethiopia. New York City, however, is a whole different ballgame. With a population of over 8.6 million, legacy systems have been kept in place to maintain the reliability and safety of information without interrupting public services. The bigger a company or organization gets, the harder it is to innovate and test emerging technology — large governments are equally affected by this.

This year, NYCEDC and SecondMuse teamed up to explore potential use cases for blockchain in New York…

Karen Bhatia and Vedesh Persaud of NYCEDC at the BigApps Big Think

To make the NYC BigApps Blockchain application process as easy as possible, we’ve gathered information on each of the participating agencies below.

Klee Walsh of Blockchain Educators. Photo credit to Mario Rubén.

NYC BigApps is the flagship civic innovation challenge in New York City for developers, product designers, academics, students, entrepreneurs, and New Yorkers at large to apply their know-how to improve the Big Apple.

This year, NYC BigApps Blockchain invites participants to collaborate with government leaders to co-design meaningful blockchain applications that solve real-world challenges facing public sector services and processes.

Launching a blockchain project is hard. The industry is notoriously volatile, local and federal governments are still in the process of regulating the technology, and even the most popular dApps struggle to gain a foothold. …

On March 7th, the second NYC BigApps Blockchain public workshop was held in collaboration with NYC Open Data Week. Alice Henshaw, a Solidity developer at ConsenSys, shared her journey from Computer Science student at Oxford to consultant to self taught blockchain developer.

Alice Henshaw of ConsenSys presenting the basics of blockchain. Photo credit to Tearanny Street of St. Francis College.

Then, BigApps featured Faraz Ahmed, representing theNYC’s Mayors Office of Data Analytics (MODA), to discuss the most popular open data sets.

On Thursday, February 21st, Klee Walsh of Blockchain Educators joined the BigApps team to hold the first NYC BigApps Blockchain public workshop. The goal of this free workshop was to introduce blockchain technology to developers, designers and participants from previous BigApps events. The workshop was held at the NYC Blockchain Center, one of the city’s newest initiatives to catalyze the local blockchain community.

Klee Walsh speaking about public and private blockchains. Photo credit to Alicia Noel of Cultivati.

Klee Walsh discussed topics including blockchain basics, analogues to P2P sharing methods such as torrents, and successful government use cases. …

SecondMuse and NYCEDC have officially kicked off the NYC BigApps Blockchain program with our first workshop! On January 31st, we convened technology leaders from several city agencies to learn about the NYCEDC Blockchain Initiative, the fundamentals of blockchain and relevant use cases for government agencies.

Karen Bhatia, SVP of Technology at NYCEDC

Karen Bhatia, SVP of Tech at NYCEDC, welcomed guests with an overview of the Blockchain Initiative, which includes Blockchain Week, the NYC Blockchain Center, and the NYC BigApps Blockchain Challenge.

A huge information gap is plaguing the blockchain industry — a survey of investors by the Global Blockchain Business Council says 63% of senior executives lack an in-depth understanding of blockchain, yet they expect spending on the technology to increase 108% this year. In partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), SecondMuse is tackling this issue by catalyzing the NYC blockchain community with a public-private partnership innovation challenge, fostering long-term success in a volatile and unpredictable industry.

SecondMuse has been selected as the official operator for NYC BigApps Blockchain, a historic NYC civic innovation challenge launched in…

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