Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 NYC BigApps Blockchain Innovation Challenge!

NYC BigApps
Oct 17 · 3 min read
NYC BigApps Blockchain Finalists at Demo Day — October 3rd, 2019

On the afternoon of Thursday, October 3rd, New York City’s blockchain community was buzzing with excitement. After almost a year of preparation — meeting with blockchain experts, developing three Challenge Areas, and educating the public and government stakeholders about blockchain — the day had finally come. The NYC BigApps Blockchain Demo Day was about to start, with 120+ attendees, 10 showcasing semifinalists, and 10 finalist teams pitching potential solutions to panels of expert judges.

More than 60 teams submitted proposals on how the New York City government could use blockchain to improve public sector services within the Challenge Areas of Identity, Real Estate Asset Management, and Energy.

Without further ado, the winners are:


The MyCity.ID team includes Matt Milligan, Ian Carvahlo, and Keziah Cruz (not pictured)

MyCity.ID by Milligan Partners

MyCity.ID is a blockchain-based, self-sovereign digital ID that will improve the verification of identity-related information. The end goal is to improve the process of applying for social services and benefits by using pre-verified information, making the process faster and easier for residents and service providers. MyCity.ID proposes a private blockchain network that would keep individuals’ information secure and allow them to control who can see and use their ID.

Milligan Partners is a creative team of technologists and management consultants. We make a positive impact through teamwork and innovation. With integrity and a holistic approach to problem-solving, we help our clients design solutions that improve their operations and allow them to better navigate the challenges of tomorrow. Our work focuses on the public sector and transportation services.

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Real Estate Asset Management

Marissa Mann of NYCEDC, Jacob Blish of Alpine, and Casey Koppelson of SecondMuse

GraphID by Alpine

GraphID is software that allows you to create and share real-world identities for people, places, and things and map how they interrelate. For New York City, Alpine proposes to help manage licenses and documents around those relationships and would address data inefficiencies around interagency collaboration.

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Killian Tobin of Omega Grid pitching Omega Grid at the evening Awards Ceremony

Omega Grid

Omega Grid is a blockchain energy rewards platform and local energy market software that can help our electric grid support an order of magnitude more solar panels and electric vehicles.

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