Get to know the agencies participating in NYC BigApps Blockchain

Karen Bhatia and Vedesh Persaud of NYCEDC at the BigApps Big Think

To make the NYC BigApps Blockchain application process as easy as possible, we’ve gathered information on each of the participating agencies below.

NYC Department of Buildings

The Department enforces compliance with these regulations and promotes worker and public safety through its review and approval of building plans, permitting and licensing functions, and inspections. In addition to Code and Zoning compliance review, emergency response and professional analysis of accidents to prevent future incidents, the Department has strengthened its education and outreach programs to provide the construction industry, property owners and tenants with a heightened understanding of safety awareness.

DOB NOW: Department’s self-service online tool that will enable Owners, Design Professionals, Licensees, and Filing Representatives to do all business with the Department online. DOB NOW is part of our Building One City plan to provide better customer service and increased access to information. It allows customers to submit applications, make payments, schedule appointments, check the status of an application or inspection, pull permits, and make renewals. DOB NOW has four parts:

  1. Inspections
  2. Build
  3. Safety
  4. Licensing

More helpful links:

  1. Types of Permits
  2. Permit Process
  3. Sustainability Initiatives
  4. Video Tutorials — Construction codes, accessibility requirements, fire codes, and more
  5. Enforcement

NYC Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity

Overview: The Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity (NYC Opportunity) uses evidence and innovation to reduce poverty and increase equity. It advances research, data and design in the City’s program and policy development, service delivery, and budget decisions. Its work includes analyzing existing anti-poverty approaches, developing new interventions, facilitating the sharing of data across City agencies, and rigorously assessing the impact of key initiatives. NYC Opportunity manages a discrete fund and works collaboratively with City agencies to design, test and oversee new programs and digital products. It also produces research and analysis of poverty and social conditions, including its influential annual Poverty Measure, which provides a more accurate and comprehensive picture of poverty in New York City than the federal rate. Part of the Mayor’s Office of Operations, NYC Opportunity is active in supporting the de Blasio administration’s priority to make equity a core governing principle across all agencies.

More helpful links:

  1. History of NYC Opportunity
  2. What NYC Opportunity Does
  3. Portfolio of Digital Products
  4. Select Case Studies


Overview: NYCEDC consists of teams of skilled and dedicated individuals with know-how and expertise across many fields including community/neighborhood development, workforce development, real estate, industry and sector analysis, design, urban planning, marketing, engineering, financial analysis and more. But we all have one thing in common, a passion for New York City and its people.

All of our work at NYCEDC expresses itself in: promoting and growing quality jobs for all New Yorkers and in cultivating dynamic, resilient communities across all five boroughs. This strategy is shaped by five key principles:

  1. Investing in Infrastructure — Invest in critical infrastructure across the five boroughs to support growth and connectivity
  2. Unlocking Human Capital — Unlock the full potential of our human capital by supporting quality jobs and providing access to skills development
  3. Leveraging City Assets — Leverage City-owned assets to realize a double-bottom line in catalyzing job growth and promoting innovation
  4. Making it Easier for Business to Start and Grow — Drive sustainable, resilient growth by making it easier for businesses to start, grow, and thrive in New York City
  5. Cultivating A Global Capital of Innovation — Grow New York City as the global capital for innovation by strategically investing in emerging sectors and encouraging traditional industries to adapt to global disruption

NYCEDC is dedicated to the creation of a dynamic, equitable, and sustainable urban economy. We are making sure that whatever happens next, happens right here in New York City — and that all New Yorkers are a part of it.

More helpful links:

  1. Map of all NYCEDC projects
  2. Real Estate Development RFPs
  3. Procurement platform — PASSPort

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

Overview: Clean energy can power New York while protecting the environment. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, known as NYSERDA, promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. These efforts are key to developing a less polluting and more reliable and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers. Collectively, NYSERDA’s efforts aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate economic growth, and reduce customer energy bills.

NYSERDA works with stakeholders throughout New York including residents, business owners, developers, community leaders, local government officials, university researchers, utility representatives, investors, and entrepreneurs. NYSERDA partners with them to develop, invest, and foster the conditions that:

  1. Attract the private sector capital investment needed expand New York’s clean energy economy
  2. Overcome barriers to using clean energy at a large-scale in New York
  3. Enable New York’s communities and residents to benefit from energy efficiency and renewable energy

Governed by a 13-member Board, NYSERDA has provided objective information and analysis, technical expertise, and support in New York State since 1975.

More helpful links:

  1. New York State Battery Energy Storage System Guidebook
  2. New York State Solar Guidebook
  3. New York State Wind Energy Guidebook
  4. Clean Energy Startups
  5. Smart Grids

NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

Overview: The New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability is a team of architects, data scientists, engineers, policy advisors, and city planners working to create a city where the air is clean, the streets are green and where our 8.5 million residents produce zero waste and zero carbon. Guided by the OneNYC plan, 80x50 report, and Executive Order 26, MOS works to minimize NYC’s contributions to climate change from the waste, transportation, energy, and building sectors. By tackling the challenges posed by climate change with innovation, creativity, and inclusivity, we are improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers and protecting our planet at the same time.

More helpful links:

  1. Road to 80x50
  2. Greener, Greater Buildings Plan
  3. Laws and Regulations — Buildings and Energy
  4. Laws and Regulations — Climate Change
  5. Energy Use Intensity (EUI) —
  6. EPA’s Energy Star Score —
  7. Efficiency of building energy assets: DOE’s Energy Asset Score —
  8. DOE’s Home Energy Score —
  9. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) —
  10. NYC’s Open Data Portal and on the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability’s website:

NYC Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT)

Overview: The New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT) provides for the sustained, efficient, and effective delivery of IT services, infrastructure, and telecommunications to enhance service delivery to the City’s residents, businesses, employees, and visitors.

As the City’s technology leader we are responsible for maintaining the core IT infrastructure and systems that touch every aspect of city life — from public safety to human services, from education to economic development — crossing the full spectrum of governmental operations.

DoITT serves a vast network of 120 City agencies, boards, and offices, more than 8,000,000 city residents and 300,000 employees every day.

With nearly 1,000 staff at seven locations and an operating budget of $440 million, DoITT empowers New Yorkers and the agencies that serve them with innovative and accessible technology solutions.

More helpful links:

  1. LinkNYC
  2. Services provided to NYC Agencies

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